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Originally Posted by GreenTea View Post
I got a cute little tank set up for this guy and set up all these new silk plants in my divided male tank. Maybe I'll put some photos up of it later. I mean of course they still have decorated tanks and I don't see them as money makers or anything, but it's just like my relationship of fun with them kind of went away. Also all the sick fish and the loss of a whole spawn I had kind of daunted me for awhile. Just about put me off, actually.
I'm one to always decorate my betta tanks. One way that has kept me from buying every gorgeous betta I see is to only buy fish if I also have the money for gravel, a cave or tank decoration, a few plants and a tank if I don't have one already. I'm an artist (especially known for interior designing, I'm a 14 year old boy and my sister let me plan her wedding, and my parents let me design most of the houses rooms) , a clean freak, and would never have an ugly tank with plastic cups, no gravel etc. like I see many people having.. I know it's saving more fish, but really? At least for me anyways..

I happened to have 50 bucks the night I bought the two new guys so I was able to get blue gravel, some pretty tall dark blue shiny plastic plants, and these pretty light blue silk plants and these little figurines, one a whale cave with blue waves around him, and the other I haven't bought for yet, but I'm thinking of maybe getting green gravel, red, green and white plants (He's all white, and if you haven't noticed by my betta fishes names in my signature, I loooove Christmas and winter time, so I'll probably incorporate his name when I think of it with Christmas) and just something natural looking like a turtle log.. (if you haven't noticed, turtle decorations cost A LOT less than fish tank decorations! At least at my Petsupermarket).
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GreenTea- i'm in Chehalis :3
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What's ugly to you, Jrf, may be lovely to others. You sound really conceited! It's nice your family supports you, but you don't need to downgrade other tank styles because they're not your preference. Being artistic is cool, being fourteen and already a snob, is not and won't get you anywhere :(

Oh so you're right on my drive up Djem
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Yup. Its kind of handy being right in the middle of seattle and portland.
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Reference Team
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Uh-oh, most of my tanks are bare-bottom with PVC pipes, java moss, an IAL and some java fern

This is because I have to do 100% water changes every four days on my uncycled tanks, and it is much easier to maintain them that way. I have 27 individual tanks and it already takes me a couple of hours to do water changes some days.

However, all my fish are happy and healthy in these set-ups. I have a few imported HM males that I keep in these sparsely decorated tanks because I don't want my $50 fish tearing his fins to shreds.

When you have a lot of bettas it's just easier to keep things as simple as possible.
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