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Help Needed! Fry keep Dying Daily!!!!

Hi Guys,

Being a new breeder, was very happy when my female laid eggs 2 weeks ago.

Counted about 70 odd eggs. But till today, my fry keeps on dying, and i'm only left with 7. HELP PLS!!!!!

Water Temp: 29 deg Cel
Water: 10% change everyday
Feed: LiquidFry and Instant BBS (2 drops of liquidfry per feed twice a day, 1 small pinch of BBS once a day)

I can't help but notice that LiquidFry is actually sticky, and the dead fry always stick to the remnants.

Do I have to clean out the remaining uneaten feed daily?

Would love to have some advice as I would like to at least have some survivors.

Best Regards
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First congrats on your successful spawn....and next...dang....sometimes rearing the fry is the hardest part.......

What size tank are they in and how deep is the water, type of additive used, any live plants, common are the remaining fry acting
What stage did you remove the male...

Its not uncommon to have large/mass die off-especially when you don't offer live foods....getting them past that 2 week mark is the challenge.

When you use processed foods-I would make at least 25% water change 20min after each feeding and feed it at least 3 times a day-Ideally you want to start them out on live foods...
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Old 02-28-2012, 03:27 PM   #3 
betta lover1507
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shouldn't the cleaning be 25%? am not sure i do a whole %100 because of one fry
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Liquidfry is NOT fry food. It's for growing micro organism which in turn becomes fry food. The way you're using it is fouling up the water. Egg yolk IMO is better. With only 7 fry, you don't need much.

If my memory serves me right, use 1 drop of LF per gallon (another container - don't forget to stir) water and let it age for a week then add it to the tank. Or use it before you spawn your pair.

Move them to another tank. 1 - 2g should be sufficient as a temporary home. Since they are in fouled water, I suggest you cup some old water (just enough for fry), move fry then fill with new water using a drip system (the slower the better). Don't let water drop, instead let it flow from the sides. Do 50% or 2 25% wc daily with the same method. You can use sponge filter if you want set to 1 bubble every 1-2 second.

Clean the original tank for later use (I'm assuming it's a 10g). Fill it 1/4 full add some live plants and let it age for 1-2 weeks while waiting for fry to grow. Move fry back when they are about 5-10mm. Add water daily until full then your regular wc schedule.

Good luck.
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Old 02-29-2012, 12:31 AM   #5 
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Hi All

Thanks for the replies. In that case, I have to add LF to normal water and let it cultivate for a week before feeding it to the fry? Should I use a syringe to feed them the fry?

Thanks for the advice, currently, just today, another batch of eggs are on the way, from my pair of crowntails :) so hopefully this one goes well.

OFL: Hmm... Currently since there are only 7 fry left, they are in a container and not a tank. and taking advice, i am currently cultivating fry. Removed the father 3 days after the fry hatched and were free swimming...

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