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Originally Posted by callistra View Post
I always wondered why they worked for some people to be honest.. A lot of plastic containers leach and you can smell the plastic outgasing in it for months or longer after you buy it so I couldn't imagine putting fish it.. but some can and do.. so I suppose it depends on the tub. I'm sorry you lost your fish :(

OH! You have vibran sea silks.. are you sure that wasn't what was doing it? I'm pretty sure mine are poisoning my newest boy. They smell and after a few days in the tank it REAKS of the plasticey plant smell from them.. few days later it was even. I bought three separate packs from three separate locals and the same results. I'm testing right now by leaving only the heater and no plants and seeing how that goes. If he stays well and the smell does not return it was the plants which is really a shame because the line has the most gorgeous and well made silks I have ever seen. No comparison.
I haven't noticed anything. I've had four of them in my sorority for a month or more and my females are doing fantastic. I had them in the 10gal before it lost water for weeks without an issue, fish, snails, and shrimp were all healthy. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the silks, I had three tubs and only two had the plants, the other had a piece of pottery and a stone, both of which I've had in the tanks for over a month before putting them in the tubs.
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I wouldnt recommending cleaning anything plastic with hot water. I think it draws the toxins out, usually you can smell it it could have been that. Just my 2 cents, my betta is in a 1gal cheap plastic jar that used to hold these asian snacks, he seems ok, being in there for the past 2 days, but since Ive only had him for 2 weeks and currently treating him for parasites in that jar I cant say how well it works yet.
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