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Fin rot! :(

Ok, so I am new here but I am not new to fish ownership or betta ownership (once had a betta from Petco that lived 6 years!). However, I am now living on my own in a small apartment, and not allowed a fish tank by my landlords (they define a fish tank as over 5 gallons) and also having no room for one...I made some sacrifices. My bettas are living in 2 seperate tanks ( that are only half a gallon. I know that is a small tank, but they seem very happy. Bubble nests constantly, always moving around happily, and eating very well, almost too well! They have been like this for a year now, however, recently I was gone a lot on a new job and I kinda maybe forgot about my fishes a little.

Their tanks started to need to get visibly dirty before I would remember to clean them where as before they had a half water change every 3 days and a whole tank breakdown and scrub out every 2 weeks. This has affected both of my bettas badly. Winchester (so named as he is a MT copper and looks like gunmetal) is very depressed and sort of hangs listlessly at the top of his tank. Ecto (short for ectoplasm as he is a albino DT) has fin rot. I noticed Ecto's tail is really short, half its previous length and while he is still just as active he has a hard time getting around.

I just did a complete strip as their tanks had algae (I am a bad mom) and almost a complete water change as I only put back in maybe a 1/2 cup of old water. I used API water conditioner which has elecrolytes and aloe vera in it, and added a 1/4 tsp of BettaFix. Is there anything else I can/should be doing for now to get my betta's back to happy?

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I have the exact tank that you have, but in fact I have two of them! The bettas in there are HAPPY, so I don't think the tank is the problem. I would take out any decorations you have in the tank with the fish with fin rot temporarily. People sell fin rot treatments at stores like Petco, or if you can go to a store where their profession is fish because they would for sure have something. I'm sure that there are tons of people on this website that have better tips and advice, though, so good luck!

P.S. My fish Mr. Jingles recovered from fin rot naturally. I took out the plants he had and then it got better in three days! You could try that!
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Originally Posted by Jezah View Post
before they had a half water change every 3 days and a whole tank breakdown and scrub out every 2 weeks.
Aiya, in something as small as that they should be having 100% water changes every 2-3 days, the ammonia builds up very fast and the water quality becomes poor very quickly in something that size which would explain the finrot/sickly behaviour. I do not recommend the marina betta kit for anyone ever, it is way too small and impossible to heat, plus they have barely any room to swim or do anything. When I got my first betta I had one, but after 2 days I realized how evil it was, found this forum, and got him a 10 gallon instead.

I now use my marina betta kit for scooping water out of the bucket during water changes and measuring drops of prime

Bettafix can cause more harm than good by the way, if you can't upgrade the size of the tank just make sure to up your water changes to 100% every other day and you should see a turn around in their behaviour/improvement with the finrot, if you don't you may want to start AQ salt treatment, but just maintaining water quality would be good for starters and likely be all you need.

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My biggest worry in those little Marina tanks is temperature. Anything under a gallon is really unsafe to heat, both for you and for the fish. I would upgrade to a gallon or more for each of your fish pronto so that you can heat it.

In cold water, a betta's immune system is depressed, so they find it hard to fight off disease and to recover when they do get sick. You need at least 76F for a healthy betta, with 78-82F being optimum. The warmer the temperature is whilst he is sick (up to 84F), the faster his metabolism will work and the faster he will heal.

I agree with Peach's suggestions on a water change - 100% every 2-3 days.

I strongly suggest you get 2 Kritter Keepers, each at least a gallon, with a small heater each. USA members will be able to recommend a good brand of mini-heater for you.

I second on stopping the BettaFix. It really does nothing, and can be dangerous if you accidentally overdose. If you want to get something that will do real good, I'd suggest Indian Almond Leaves. However, the most important thing right now is clean, warm water.
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