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New Betta Owner In Need Of Desperate Help

I have 7 dogs and 2 cats, i have hand raised 1 dog and 1 cats who parents had a turn for the worst during birthing process. I feel like its my duty to care for these wonderful animals. When i was younger around 10-11 my mom got me a Betta fish and i had him for about a year then he passed away, so i got another and within a month he died too. I didn't want to kill anything else so i gave up on Bettas, if this one does not work out i am done with Bettas. I couldnt help myself i was walking around petsmart when i saw the Bettas all on one big shelf, i noticed that they where labeled as different breeds. I asked one of the employees about the differences i picked up what was labeled a half moon. The color was reddish but quite dull. I mentioned that it wasn't a very pretty fish, and the employee said that a lot of the duller colored ones die because nobody buys them to care for them. I felt so bad for the little guy i wanted to leave him their so his death wouldn't be my fault, but in my heart i knew that if i didnt try it was my fault. After having the little guy home for a day, swimming around in a temporary Large vase with some spring water he started flashing around quickly, swimming fast then slow, then in reverse. It looked like he was happy. I felt like i made this little guy happy by getting him out of the cup. The colors are not bright but they are pretty, and the light reflects them, Its beautiful. I just want him to live. The catch is im in college and i have very little funds. I need some good products from some good trusted websites, I want him a tank, some proper live plants, some cover, and a snail or two. I don't know where to begin to look for these things! Im confused and i don't know where to shop or what a good deal is, it would do me some good if someone could take the time to pick me out some quality products for a budget. I want this guy to make it so bad, he looks so happy and i want him to be even more happy, and stay with me for as long as he can. I have some pictures, can you classify the color, the breed, and the gender for me? Thanks guys.
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Ok first thibngs first get him out of that vase and put him in a 2 tom 3 gallon aquarum or at least 1.5 gallon bowl. Put plants and hiding places, buy Tetra BetteaMin Flakes and Tetra BettaPellets and some Dried Frezzed Bloodworms at walmart. Also buy the BettaSafe drops for the chlorine. If you live in an apartment you must buy a heater so he won't freez and de these are tropical fish afater all and buy the Aqua Salt it might help him right now. Hope this helps until someone more experienced comes along.
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By the way the BettaMin flakes will help his coloring it helped mine go to Pictures or my Profiel mine is Goldie.
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Reference Team
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Looks like you have a pretty little male veiltail with tail-biting tendencies. Make sure you keep his water clean and conditioned. Change that bowl every day. You don't need spring water; conditioned tap water is OK. Spend your money on conditioner. Prime is very popular around here...most bang for the buck.

Many members like the Kritter Keeper tankfrom Petco or Petsmart, especially at 3 gallons. As cheap as you'll find with a cover. If you can find a two-plus gallon tank at a thrift store, go for it.

The Hagen Elite 25watt heater is a popular choice. Twelve or so dollars on Amazon. A heater is essential; it should be your second purchase (tank first). And a thermometer to check on tank temperature ($3). Keep it around 78*-80*.

Any small opaque glass (preferred) or ceramic cup or terra cotta pot will make a fine hiding place.

Silk (fabric) plants are better than plastic. Cheap at the dollar store or WalMart. I hope someone who knows more about plants will chime in here. They can get a little pricey.

Spend a little extra on Omega One or New Life Systems (NLS) food. They're higher in protein and will help him recover his finnage.

You don't need a water quality test kit right away, but you might consider getting the API liquid test for ammonia when you can.

Read the "sticky" (above) about caring for your new Betta.

Welcome to the forum.

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I'm not sure about the color or type, but it looks like he might have some tail damage, so you're going to have to watch that. Use tap water with conditioner, not sprint water. It's missing some of the things he needs.

Getting a setup on a budget isn't hard. You have to know where to look. I'm not sure what area you are in, but Craigslist is a good place to start. Sometimes you will find local people selling full setups for almost nothing. You do, ideally, want 2.5 gallons, but if you find a 5 or even a 10 gallon for less, go for it. You won't be disappointed. A 10 gallon is much easier to care for then a 2.5 gallon. I would use the search boxes for "aquarium" or "fish tank".

If you have local thrift stores, go digging for tanks. Even a larger bowl is better then a tiny vase. Lastly, ask friends and family if they have old tanks sitting around. It's surprising how many people you know had a fish tank at one point and don't anymore, and you might get what you need really cheap off a friend or relative.

If you are set on buying something online.. I will say this, don't buy tanks off Aquabid. Walmart is way too expensive, and google is your friend.

I'm always on the lookout for inexpensive heaters, tanks, whatever. But I don't mind taking a risk with an unknown store. You would do better to stick to what you are comfortable with when it comes to online shopping, but if you want something big and cheap, a tupperwere box with a lid works, and you NEED a heater, make sure you get something the proper size for your tank. A heater will run you about 10-15 dollars online. Oh, and with a smaller tank, under 5 gallons, a filter isn't a must, you can take it or leave it, so don't think you HAVE to get one.

Tell me where you are and I might find something close by for you, otherwise.. good luck finding a new tank!
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Old 04-30-2012, 05:48 AM   #6 
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As mentioned above craigslist is the way to go cheap and easy and usually you can fine a tank that already comes with everything you'll need
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Every one above has given you some good advice.
Prime is the best quality conditioner, and it saves you money. The $6 bottle will treat 1000 gallons of water. haha Omega One is a very good food, a bit pricey though, but it lasts forever.

Good Luck! :D
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Others have mentioned his tail - just by buying him and taking him out of the cup, you probably have him on the road to recovery - from what I've read on this forum, that is often a symptom of a bored betta confined to a tiny space.

Usually color improves once they are in a bigger home. He (and almost all bettas with the large gauzy fins are male) is probably already happier in the vase than the cup. Keeping his water in the right range will help his fins heal and grow back, so that tank and heater should be the first priorities.

There are lots of nice stickies on setting up a home for him. A live plant is nice, but if you do get one, don't buy one of those things in the plastic tubes with grow gel - I found out afterwards that most of those are not aquatic plants, even tho you'll be told they are. If it isn't in the water when you buy it, the odds of it being a water plant are way low.

I hope everything works out - you've already come and asked the right people - they've given me a lot of good advice.

PS. Have you named him yet?
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Old 05-01-2012, 02:57 PM   #9 
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He has got a 1 gallon bowl, some tropical fish flakes, a nice little plant, and this weekend im going to get him a snail buddy, a gold shell snail buddy. He is making a bubble nest in his Vase right now, seems to be pretty happy. His name is Leeroy Jenkins, its strange i know for all you non-Gamers :P but here is the vid that explains his name fully
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Haha Leeroy. I used to hear that guy in my soddin' sleep. Make sure you get him a heater. It's probably one, if not THE most important thing to get for any betta even if you only use it for the winter months if you live in a climate where he would always have at least 75 degrees. It will also improve his colour if he's warm enough. Some bettas like it warmer than others, I had mine at 78 and Ky would hug the heater so had to turn it up to 80. Bubblenests are great! Ky makes them but proceeds to tear them up most of the time. Don't think he's the paternal type! However, it doesn't always indicate happiness but more a readiness to breed.

Snails make great tank mates. Most bettas won't bother them but one with an overly aggressive nature may nip snails feelers off. I like apple and assassin snails for their interesting shells but most people here have a snail. Watch out for their bioload though. some snails have a high bio load and if you have no filter it could mean faster ammonia build up meaning more water changes which can be stressful for Leeroy. Have fun making friends with your fishy :) It can be so rewarding just setting aside a few minutes a day to bond with your betta. Kyon now rushes to the front of the tank to see me every time I come towards him and I've become rather attached to him. I've spent a fortune on treats, toys, plants and care items for him! More than what I spend on my 2 cats!
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