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Why is Remus purposefully sitting on the filter?

Hi everyone. I've noticed that my Crowntail betta Remus has been purposefully getting stuck on the filter lately. He is totally able to swim away, he's eating regularly, and his other behaviour hasn't changed (he's a bit of a lazy boy, but is keeping with his regular balance of activity and rest).

I've been looking for signs of sickness, but I can't find any -- no fin rot, eyes aren't changing colours, he's still a lil fatty (hasn't become super skinny-lookig), and his colours aren't changing. Could he simply enjoy the feeling? He lives in a 10g with bubbles, filter, & a heater. He's been living with a pleco for about a day, but he's moving away ASAP because 10g is waaay too small for him (even though he's little -- only about 2.5" now). Just did a 50% wc about two days ago and added some more plastic plants yesterday.

Thanks in advance
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There are lots of videos on youtube of bettas who like to wrap themselves around the intake at night :) idk why, but it's not weird or anything
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My Fireball used to either sleep on top of his sponge filter or dig down underneath and sleep plastered between it and the stones below.. despite the fact he had a nice comfy cave on the opposite end of the 10g out of the current.

Personally, I would not have an HOB filter without a prefilter sponge, or something or other making it so he can't really get sucked up and hurt.. I've seen a lot of bettas die that way.
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