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Question feeding fry

Ok so you can call me stupid for asking this but i just rather be safe then sorry...

i have about 50-100 fry in my tank, they are 10 days old and when i try to feed them, they wont eat.. each day i can see one or 2 fry dead at the bottom before my snail swoops by and eats em.. now i have plants in the tank and my only idea is theyre full in infusoria? but how can i tell for sure so theyre not starving.. this is my second batch of fry so im still new and ill take any tips, (first batch all died drastically after day 3)

i tried micro worms, vinegar eels and newly hatched bbs , no luck
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Please tell everyone the specifics of your tank, temperature as well as whether there is a lid on the tank or not. Micros and BBS are usually great first food for bettas. Even though they don't develop their lungs until about week 2 it is always advisable to have the heater in place and working order with a secure lid to ensure that the temperature is correct all around. I tend to keep my fry at 80-82 degrees and they do well. Feeding them Micro worms once they are free swimming and introducing BBS shortly after. Try using both together like I do. BBS and Micros at the same time. I will be honest however, you are going to loose babies, not all will survive. We cannot truly mimic nature and even in their natural habitat not all will survive. A few fry here and there should be natural for us.

I may have forgotten and its very important. Also make sure that you have an airstone or the air filter bubbling slightly to make small breakage on the surface of the water. I'm sure others will post soon. GoodLuck, Lui
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PS. No question is too dumb for anyone. If you are in doubt like I am a lot of times ask this forum! there are amazing people here and seriously experienced keepers as well.
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Either they eat or die at this point. Expect a few deaths for the next week. Try feeding them BBS.
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During the first week there usually is a bit of a die off. I've always felt these were the weak ones, and nature taking its course.
As long as the water is warm and clean, and you are feeding them, the strong ones are eating, its just very hard when they are that small to see them.
I know it's hard not to worry, but try :)
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