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My betta keeps getting constipated?

Last week I noticed my betta Kenji floating at the top of his tank and thought he was dead, so I tapped on the tank and he moved. I noticed he was extremely bloated. I put Kenji into a bowl, and the next afternoon he had passed a massive poop, and his bloating went down and he was a happy fish. I fasted Kenji for a day, fed him again and the same thing happened. I fasted him for another day, he once again passed a massive poop. I fed him over the next few days and he was fine. 3 nights ago I fed Kenji and Nemo, my other betta fish, and Kenji was bloated yet again. Although Nemo has never been bloated I decided to fast both of them for 2 days. After the 2 days I fed them both, and Kenji got bloated yet again. The next day he was back to normal size. He's not bloated now and I'm pretty sure it's not Dropsy because I had a betta fish die from Dropsy. UGH. I don't understand, Kenji and Nemo get fed the same amount of food. I crush up the food because they're still not big enough to eat a whole piece. Kenji has also been more frightened lately. I used to put my finger on his tank and he's flare up at it and follow it, now he darts and hides behind something. Nemo on the other hand still flares up at my finger. Sorry for the long detailed question.

Kenji and Nemo are in a heated tank. They are in the same tank, with a divider in the middle, it's not small but right now it's just a temporary tank until I get the supplies I need for my other much larger tank.
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Location: mn to chime in on ur constapation issue my little dude has the same issue possible .its been close to a week now. One day three of fasting him.

A lot of people say to use a fresh frozen green pea to heat it up and remove the skin of the green pea..because of the fiber content its suppose to help.*I also have read that "green peas can damage there digestive system?

(A good read & possible solution)
*The best thing I've come acoss and am going to try and find later today if possible* then sell died freeze dryed daphnia* its a type of water flea that has a nice amont of fiber in them* the fiber helps loosen things up*
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Some fish, like people, suffer for regular constipation no matter how much or what they eat.
I had a fish who had this problem so he had to be fed and exercise differently than his siblings.
Instead of feeding a larger amount once or twice a day, try splitting the amount throught the day in multiple feedings.
Flaring can help them have bowel movements. Make him flare a few minutes two or three times a day.
Unfortunately, sometimes they will never ne "normal" and fish who bloat will need special care all their lives.
I wouldn't use pea as it's really not good for bettas.
Frozen foods are a good choice too because they are not dry and will not expand in the fish stomach.
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What are you feeding the little guy? Low quality pellets can cause constipation and bloating. I would recommend if you are already not trying either omega one betta buffet or New Life Spectrum Betta Formula both high quality foods. I believe Petsmart sells the Omega while NLS is at Petco. My three boys love the NLS and it's all I feed other than their Saturday treat of frozen shrimp before their Sunday fast. Again it could be he is just going to have this problem no matter what, but at the same time I feel it wouldn't hurt to try another food just to be sure.
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