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Has anyone had luck with a mellow male and cherry barbs?

I've had cherries in the past, and have bred bettas before, so I'm familiar with the temperments of both fish, but the barbs were in a community tank whereas when I kept bettas before I kept the females together and the males in their own containers (roughly 1g each). I've been looking through the profiles here and the information elsewhere looking at parameters etc. so I think it just comes down to personality at this point. We've been lucky enough to have, what I see as a very mellow male, but I'd like to know if anyone else has had luck with this particular combination.

I'd also seen some have luck with dwarf gourami and a betta, but my concern there is lack of tank space, I've only got a 10g at the moment.

I wouldn't mind a dwarf frog, but the tank we have has plants growing out the top (on purpose), and they tend to jump out :/

Thanks in advance!

PS. I do have the tank in question posted in my aquariums here for your perusal. The betta is now in the 10g by himself and no longer in the 2g holding tank.
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I have a friend who successfully kept her cherry barbs with a male betta, then a female (though the male barbs thought she was a female barb and kept trying to mate with her) and then a honey gourami. It is very much dependent on the betta.
As far as barbs go, cherries are relatively non-nippy. I really love them. :) You'll need at least 6, though.
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