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Is Betta food fine for my non-betta fish

I'm just wondering if betta tank mates can live off a diet consisting of foods specifically formulated for bettas.

I feed BettaMin by Tetra, Betta Food by Wardley and frozen blood worms for my betta females of which I have 6 of them. I'm wondering if it's a good diet for the other fish in my tank.

The other fish are rummy nose tetras, bosemani rainbows and a dojo loach (might be rehoused later). Only other species I plan on adding may be glass catfish and kuhli loaches.

Or should I feed other things into the tank like veggie fish food and regular flakes for them.
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Do a mix of betta pellets and tropical community food. It won't harm the omnivorous fish if they have a bit of betta food, but they do need food that will satisfy their vegetable matter needs as well. Likewise, it won't harm the bettas to eat a bit of normal tropical community food every now and then.
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How big is the tank?

If possible you can try to entice the girls to one spot of the tank and feed them there while tossing in the other food at the other end for the tank mates.

Otherwise, B is correct.. it won't harm either of them. The only harm is if they eat too much... such little piggies they are!
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