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Exclamation Male swim bladder needs help

alright my male is in a 10 gallon tank with plently of decor and houses and fake plants one amazon sword leaf plant very small new growth off a different amazon sword leaf plant a brishel nose alge eater(smaller)

water changes- usally every two weeks do 25% one 2 week, the next 2week do a 50% water change, water change consists of cleaning gravel i take him out(duh) put him in a small jar this last time i did a 50% me and my gf were aguring i forgot to keep tabs on his small amount of water it did get cold so not sure if that makes a diff...

FOOD- pretty much give them all my beta the tetra betta pellets thats like the same from the lil trial pack with the lil measure thing for feeding... also have blood worms? i think he might of said blackworms not sure i know they are alive and i have to change there water everyday which is dumb.... i have freeze dryed bloodworms deff stopped giving those cause the whole freeze dryed thing is not good

Fliter- is the new tetra power filter for 5-10 gallon aquariums- takes filter cartridges that have
Course layer
Activated carbon
multi-density layer-
comes with time strip really havent calibrated how long it lasts for but maybe 2-3weeks change the cartride

gravel at bottom maybe half inch probly more than needed but its for the sword leaf pplant to be completely under gravel

alright well his fins are horribale and he cant even keep himself up right yesterday i started the fasten by put him in a lil jar with a cut up pea until he took a bite of it then put him back in his tank and then after that today gave him a non iodized salt bath for maybe 5 mins which i think maybe made his fins worse er sumthing cause i went to take a drug test for my new job when i got home his fins were just soo bad makes me cry and it hurts my heart seeing him in this pain just wanna beat myself up for it... what should i do.... get him a new tank and that like 2gallons or sumthing and keep that for treating sick fish and then put him back in the tank after hes all better or just keep him in that 2 galloner or idk what i should even do im at a stand still right now pulling my hair out and having aniaxty attacks pls pls help me and my betta feel better if you need to know anything else about him or the tank or feeding or anything dont hesitate to ask and my phone number is on my wall in my profile i posted it myself soo also feel free to call me and give me advice cause im going pyscho about to commite myself cant even spell right or have good grammer cause im stressin out bad!
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You need to be doing minimum of 20% weekly changes up to 50% weekly. Bimonthly is not enough. also what is your ammonia nitrite and nitrate levels? you need to test these weekly or at least nitrate.

You do not want to treating bloating issues with aq salt. Also how much did you use? For this you want epsom salt. pure no additives. I would start with half a teaspoon per gallon predissolved and fast 2-3 days. don't even offer food.

your tetra pellets are also low quality wheat based pellets and can cause contipation issues. how many were you feeding? look for a protein based pellet like new life spectrum betta (can be found at petsmart or petco) or omega one betta buffet. nls can be fed 5-8 a day split up feedings and one fast day a week. feed 3-4 omega one.

pics would be helpful.
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First up, take a deep breath.

OK, now:

Yes, for SBD you want epsom not aquarium salt as callistra said. Also the pea thing is more for goldfish, most bettas wont touch the pea since they are not herbavores. You want regular epsom salt. 1teaspoon per gallon. it's easiest to use an old 1 gallon milk jug - fill it up, then add in the salt, shake it up and make sure its dissolved.

Next, do you have a smaller tank? If not, I use sterelite storage containers for hospital tanks. They are cheap and come in a varity of sizes. Pick out a small size, mine is about 1.5 gallons. Add in the water from the jug, then slowly acclimate the fish to this new water, just like when you first got him. When his water in his cup/bag is the same as the container, release him and no NOT feed him. Also keep the bottom of the hospital tank bare and keep a look out for poop. If you have a heater that fits into the container that's good too. Do daily 100% water changes with the salt water till he is swimming normally again. Swim bladder isn't fatal, if that is what he has. It just makes then look pathetic

Now, what, exactly is wrong with his fins? do you have a picture? If he is loosing large chunks in a few hours, he may be bitting his fins. Or with the lack of clean water, it may be ammonia burns. A pic or good description would help as well as punctuation.
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Location: Allegan, Michigan
well im sorry to say he died earlyer that night i think i gave him till this morning and he was floating i could tell he died usally i would just flush him but i just couldnt made him a tomb and burried like a coffen i felt soo bad but now that sadly he is gone i have no other choice but to move on..... i finally got my 20 gallon up and running with a aqua clear 20.... with just conditioned water in it i got not carbon but the zeo lite carb in it... dont have anything but water in it how long should i let the filter and water age before introing my females i currently have 2 large dragon females and one crowntail i think(maybe looks like it could be wrong) and one white female and one white specal(blue dots) they are in a 10 gallon right now waiting to be moved to the 20 gallon tank im trying to do this right cause i have 2 10gallons, a 20gallon, 2gallon a fluvre(er whatever), 1.5gallon tetra platic tank... i wanna move the 2 red male bettas i have in in vases (one per vase) into they're own 10 gallon but i just need to understand all of what i need to do to set everything up if can pls help if you need any more info on my tanks and what i have just ask i also have my number up on my profile on where you post comments or whatever thank you soo much im trying to do everything i can to make this not happen agin thanks soo much for helping out
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