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Behavior question: sorority

I was just wondering how you all might interpret this.

Scenario: three mature female bettas, ten gallon planted tank with lots of hiding spots. They all seem to congregate towards the front of the tank in the open. My largest girl is a delta I think and she's certainly the boss. Nothing overtly aggressive but she let's it be known. The three have been together for a week with only one really showing any wear, small nip out of her tail from the first day but it hasn't slowed her down. So my question is if the largest female is constantly pushing everyone around but they don't run off and hide, they just hang around in the open front of the tank and move away from her a few inches, that means they aren't traumatized or terrified right? Seems like a pretty typical sorority? I don't know why they like the front of the tank so much...
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My fish do the same, stay out in the open much of the time and just swim away from the aggressor(s) when necessary. Florence gets chased more than the other 4 and she also lost a bit of tail fin, but she seems fine. I did recently add two more fish because Wanda, the alpha, was terrorizing Florence and Goldie Hawn. Now with five, the stress seems to have evened out.
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My fish all seem to just lounge in the floating moss I bought them, they could be right next to each other and not have a problem but once they are in the water they like to chase each other. I think it is more for entertainment and to show each other who is boss. I wouldn't worry too much.
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My girls are almost always hanging out at the front. I think its because they want to be on the lookout in case I come in with food...

You may want to consider adding a few more girls to your sorority. 3 is not really a safe number - there is always the risk that the alpha two will gang up on and attack the omega girl, then turn on each other. I would never advise less than four, with 5 or 6 being better in a ten gallon. :)
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I agree with Bombalurina. I kept 5 in a densely planted 10 gallon for quite some time and have now had 10 females in a 20 gallon successfully for quite a bit of time. There is occasional chasing occasionally but no fighting. Usually when I'm quite a distance away from the tank (and they can't see me) I can see 4-5 of them in the front of the tank, exploring or occasionally chasing each other - I like to think they're playing LOL. But of course as soon as I walk up to the tank i can see all 10 of them gathering and jumping around excited that food might be coming. :)
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