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they are gorgeous!
and i want Apollo he's so amazing!!!
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Wow! that is a beautiful tank! What is the lighting used? The girls are beautiful and such a variety as well! awesome work!
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I have one ZooMed High Output T5 light with one AquaSun and one FloraSun bulb on the back half of the tank. Because my tank is so deep, I also have a Marineland DoubleBright LED light on the front. I run them on a timer 11 hours a day, then the LED moonlight at night. The whole tank has only been setup a little over a month. No CO2, just easy plants; Cryptocoryne Wendti and Balansae, Argentine Swords, Java Fern, Java Moss, Rotala Indica, Val Spiralis, Ludwigea, Water Wisteria, a bit of Elodea, a Moss ball, Pennywort and Riccia. I do use substrate fertilizer pellets though. Attached is a picture of the same tank about 3 to 4 weeks ago... I came across this pic today and couldn't believe the difference! You can see Saphira in the upper corner. I had to take him out of this tank because he didn't like the flow from the filter and got sick. He has his very own 15 gallon now and is doing well.
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