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Is this a bubble nest?

I often see bubbles escaping from my betta's mouth after he takes a breath at the surface. These bubbles often end up clustering at the edges of the tank. At first, I was really excited and thought it was a bubble nest, but after seeing other pictures, I'm not so sure. Is it a bubble nest, or are these bubbles just a byproduct of my fish breathing? The bubbles are not the huge clusters that I see in other bubble nest pics, and I see them every day, which leads me to think they're not bubble nests.

What do you think?

I'm curious because I hear bubble nests are indicative of good water conditions...which would be good :) When your bettas make bubble nests, how often do you see them and what do they usually look like?
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Those actually look like bubbles that result from the filter outflow. I get them in my goldfish and community tanks all the time. Generally for a bubble nest all the bubbles will be about the same size and it will extend across the water surface.

Bubbles nests aren't exactly indicative of good water quality as bettas will build them in the cold cups at the store. It's just signally that the betta is ready to breed. Bettas also don't normally build them when there is any surface movement. My bettas are in tanks with excellent water quality yet I almost never seen nests because there is a slight surface current.
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