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Right, I may have joined today but I am not new to the world of bettas, I breed fancy CT's and VT's But I have a dilemma:
My Male CT 'Echo' my Red boy has been perfectly fine in a 2.5 gallon barrack, heated, filtered and with pH and Nh3 at perfect levels he was swimming happily then I came in and he was sitting in the corner resting on some Crypt (live plant) and staying close to the surface gaping a bit, hen after another few hours he was fine and eating, (this chap has suffered fin melt before, White spot etc)
I moved him back into his 15 gallon tank. He's good now, but any theories?

~Cheers Hazell
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Have you checked the ammonia? Was there another betta in view and he had just gotten done with flaring with it right before you came in? For those couple of hours, did you attempt to try to feed him, or move him any, if not are you positive he wasn't "sleeping" and just using his gills instead of going up for air?

Other then those, I can't think of anything that could cause that, then suddenly disappear and he act normal- usually gasping at the surface can be anywhere from ammonia issues/chemistry issues to multiple internal illnesses. It sounds like a shock, but if nothing had changed from acting normal, to that, then back to normal- my guess was he was really "tired" and needed to rest.

My boyfriend got worried earlier today when his betta was laying in his cave not moving- moved the tank around, tapped on it, moved the cave he was in.. and that eventually woke up Butters. And shortly after that he was back to normal, swimming and eating, etc. But he looked pretty much dead at the time. I swear these fish.. love them to death, but they can be so worrisome!
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