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From 1 to 12 bettas, update, and question

Lots of new bettas, long story. An update; Keller (my favorite) in his 10gal doing well, getting over finrot. So sweet and enthusiastic. Has new live plants and a moss ball named bianca as his reward for his adorableness.

Chrestomanci in his 5 gal, a sickly rescue male VT is doing great! So much so that I changed his name to match his real personality.

Got 2 'had to have' new male CTs, so beautiful, each in separate 5 gal, they are shy but sweet. Got them by default, long story.

My girls... wow. I have vertical stress stripes personally. As in pediatrics, girls are SO much more difficult than boys. But things have calmed down. So I had planned to get one girl, but was dooped and got 2. Then I realized 2 is chaos. So decided to get another 10 gal and go for a sorority. Fishy and Wishy were my original and got along, so I put them in first. Added 2. Antigone the smallest got shredded by Pandora, which was not Pandora's fault. So Antigone gets removed. Then Pandora gets removed. Then Antigone gets re-added. Then Antigone over-compensates for being tiny and beat-up and she badgers and bites everyone else. So she gets removed, and Pandora is re-added. This occurs over several days. So now 5 girls live together in a 10 gal, (Fishy and Wishy, Pandora, Cleo, and Sumatra) all living pretty peacefully with just a little nip and flare during feeding. They actually have to have lights out time after feeding to calm them down. They are all extremely cute though and gather at the edge of the glass when Im around.

Antigone earned her own separate 5 gal. She's a spirited little one.

And I needed a thermometer today so i dropped by petsmart and they had halfmoons. Never had one! So I had to get him. And there was this beutiful but lethargic VT that I had to have. My problem is I only had a split 2.5 gal at home to house them (Mr. Cutie and Mr. Imhy), not ideal, can't heat it, and too small really.

So questions: Should I try to reintroduce Antigone into the sorority? So one of my new boy could go in her 5 gal? I've read that even numbers can breed chaos, and further, I can only fit 10gals and 5 seems perfect for that. Plus she seems happy alone.

If not, does anyone know where I can find a divider for a 5 gal minibow? It's a curved aquarium so I can't find a divider. I could fit another 5 gal to replace my 2.5gal, which is likely too small for my 2 divided boys.

On another note, yippee! All my bettas have graduated to pellets, though I have to chop them with my fingernails (initally my girls and 2 CTs would only do flakes, yuck).


Caleb, 15 year-old mancoon cat
Dee Dee, 2 year old horse
My male bettas:
Keller, my favorite betta, blue male VT, 10gal
Chrestomanci, red male VT, 5 gal
Caden, red male CT, 5 gal
Cairo, blue male CT, 5 gal
Mr. Imhy and Mr. Cutie, blue male VT and blue male HM, divided 2.5 gal (temporary)
My female bettas:
Antigone, 5 gal
Fishy, Wishy, Cleo, Pandora, Sumatra, 10gal
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Even numbers, odd numbers...the fish really don't care. I have 6 girls in my sorority with no problems. I've also had seven with no problems. It doesn't make a difference. I would try to re-introduce Antigone, but you may have to look at another tank/divider. :)
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