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Feeding - More food for growing Betta?

Hello there!

I got myself a new Betta yesterday, and while I have had these fish before I have a question to ask.

He was sold as a Halfmoon, but he is currently small with shorter fins. So I am assuming he is young and just needs time to grow up to full size and full finnage.

I am wondering if he will need to eat a tiny bit more than an adult since he is growing..? I gave him a frozen (thawed before feeding of course!) bloodworm last night, and 3 small pellets of food this morning. Would just another bloodworm in the evening be enough? Or should I feed a tiny bit more?

Any advice is much appreciated!
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Yes. You can feed more to growing fish but you have to be careful about constipation, adjust your water changes accordingly and make sure his water temperature is not lower than 80 degrees.
more food = more waste = higher levels of ammonia which is why you need to change their water more constantly.
I would go with 3 feedings a day where you can either offer different foods on each or just combine them. Start slow, like 1 pellet + 1 worm (or 2 pellets) per feeding and then increase if you see your fish is passing his food properly.
He will get a big stomach right after and for a few hours as he will be full but this is not to be confused with constipation. Just observe that he is pooping properly before feeding.
I feed all my fish more than the norm because I like thick fish and because I want them all always ready for breeding but I exercise them (flaring), keep them warm, watch for any problems, and keep their water in top condition.
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Thank you very much! I ordered a sponge filter & pump and it should come in soon. Until then I will do frequent water changes!

I already have a heater at least. ;)
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