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Any help is appreciated :) (Beginner Betta questions not found in stickies!)

Hello everyone!

I had posted these in the Meet the Betta Keepers forum after an introduction, but I figured I'd post them here as well as I think this is the appropriate location? If it's not, just point me in the right direction and I'll be on my way :P

Also, if the answers to these questions are somewhere on this forum and I missed them, by all means, also point in the right direction. Thanks!

Two male Bettas (one CT, one HM)
Both in their own 10 gal tanks with heater, filter, small gravel substrate, thermometer, soft decorations, hides with holes larger than my thumb, and kept at 79-80 degrees Fahrenheit.
Both have light sources for daytime/nighttime cycles

1) I am very interested in cycling my tank. Unfortunately, I had to buy the fish and the setup the same day, so I'd like to know about natural cycling. I only have the one betta in each tank; are there compatible tankmates that would speed the process? Any bacteria I should add to the tank that won't harm the fish? Etc

3) I am quite concerned about tank maintenance. I read that if you have a 10g filtered tank, you only need to do 25-30% water changes once a week. I purchased a self start vacuum for this process--would you recommend anything different? Also, when doing this process, am I supposed to take some of the current water, place the betta in it, and set him aside to re-acclimate later? Also, when adding the new water (tap water) do I add the recommended amount of water conditioner for the entire 10 gal?

4) Last question, I promise! One of my tanks has a Tetra Whisper filter for 10gals. It's really strong and I think the current is a bit much for my betta. What can I do to soften the current without ruining the filter?

Thanks guys, any help is appreciated.
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I can answer number 3 for you:) You should actually do a 100% water change once a week. That is what is recommended, me personally every three days I do a 25% then every week I do a 100%. That seems to work well for me you might wanna try it:) Also to address the second part of the question when doing a complete water change, you should fill up a cup with the water your betta is already in and then you can scoop him up with the cup or use a net to get him in the cup. Once your done doing the change, add tap water purifier look at the back of the bottle and usually says how many drops you should add per gallon. Once the drops are in the water, you need to put the cup that the betta is in into the water to let it float for a little bit so he can become used to the temperature. Once he has been floating for awhile you can add him to the tank. :) I think I've answered all u were asking in #3 if not pls feel free to reply or msg me!!
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Doing a 100% is actually not good for the fish, as it kills the good bacteria in the tank. You only do a 100% in a small tank like a 1 gallon. I'd just do a 10 or 20% water change per week once it's cycled, if you just have one betta in a 10 gallon. As for the filter, there is a sticky on the forum under betta fish habitats that show you how to baffle your filter. :) I'm not very knowledgeable on cycling, so it'd be better off for somebody else to answer your first question. :D
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That is will not need to make any 100% water changes on filtered tanks since you will be establishing the nitrogen cycle......and you have already started this process too......once you added the ammonia source (the Betta) the nitrogen cycle began......

You can safely cycle the 10gal filtered tanks with the Betta provided that you make the needed water changes.....if you don't have a water test kit...I would make twice weekly 50%...1-50% water only and 1-50% to include the substrate vacuuming in all areas that can be reached without moving anything...
Once the nitrogen cycle is established in about 4-8 weeks....the weekly 50% with vacuum is all that you will need to make to maintain the water quality.

If you have a test kit-base the 50% water only change on ammonia, nitrite 0.25ppm or greater....

Filter media needs a rinse/swish in the bucket of old tank water with a water change a couple of times a month.....Don't do this until the 5th week or so unless the water flow is compromised....

Dose the dechlorinator for the full volume of the tank-its better to use too much than not enough...its really hard to overdose these products.

I would leave the Bettas in the tank for the water changes...less stressful..

Tank mates....several different species.....I would go to the fish shop you plan to buy them from and look at what you like and then research them to see if you can meet needs in a 10gal tank....common fish are Neons and cory cats....these need to be kept in schools of at least 6......

Should be a sticky on how to baffle the filter.....

Look forward to seeing pics.....
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