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Exclamation What's the first thing I should do?

Ok, so I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of flack for my situation, but I need to know how to make it better asap!

I've had Soda for almost two years in a large vase (let's say 4 litres) where he was doing ok, he has a couple of plants, and I would change his scenery pretty often but I felt worse and worse about the size of his tank. I've been slack with water changes but he's super hardy and has lived through at one point last year over a month with no new water. So yeah, I'm a bad person, I know. I got the fish to amuse my cat but she's not interested and yes I didn't think through the whole deal as I'm not really a fish keeping person but now here I am two years later. So please I hope we can get past this part and focus on my immediate concern...

Anyhow. So yesterday I felt SO BAD that I went and got a new 5.5 gallon tank, some gravel and a new plant and some water conditioner (prime water conditioner from seachem). I wanted to keep this whole fish thing as basic as possible so I didn't get a filter or a heater, but I do live in a warm climate and I keep the room warm where the fish lives.

I filled the tank, treated the water and then basically dumped the water and fish from the vase to the tank. He was pretty stunned at first and hid, but then perked up and swam to check stuff around eventually and seemed ok. Now, the next morning, he's just hiding in the corner under a plant on the bottom not moving. His new tank is near a window with some plants but I have a curtain blocking direct light to half the tank.

I still have the scuzzy water at the bottom of the old tank with some of his rocks and old gravel - does he need the old gravel for his bacteria? He's got his old plants in his new tank that I washed off most of the scum but there's still a bit on there.

Is he too cold? Is the water bad? Do I need to change out the water? What do I do right now (that doesn't involve leaving the house to buy something) to make him perk up?

And then, for when I can go out and buy something, what is the MINIMAL effort (and expense) I need to do to make this new tank a happy home?
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A heater would be best for health. Bettas do best in 78-80 degrees as they are tropical.

As far as his recent change in behavior, give him time to settle in. It's a bigger place and everything is new to him. You might want to get a couple more plants for him too, preferably medium to tall for middle and top cover as bettas tend to stay in these areas more often.

So for minimal effort, look into a few more plants and a heater. A filter is nice but not necessary as bettas breath surface air.
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new tank

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