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Unhappy Help please! How much tail-biting should I tolerate?

5 girls in a 10gal tank with lots of hiding places- I had to remove 1 initially because she was too aggressive but I put her back in about 18 hours ago and she's less aggressive, but she is reasserting herself as the alpha. Everyone is doing ok with it, letting her have her way, but this morning I did notice some tail nips on Cleo, the last in the pecking order.

How much nipping should I tolerate? Should I let them fight a little until they get it sorted out, ie give them a couple days? Or would you remove her since she did inflict some injury to one.

I hate to remove either of them (the nipper or the nipped) b/c adding them back means the process starts over again... Right now i'm keeping the water pristine and using stress coat and IAL to promote healing for the those that get nipped.

Please advise!
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Sometimes its best to let them establish the pecking order....

I am sure you have done this already....but...make sure you have several tall items in the tank that go all the way to the top to help break the line of sight...placement at each end and mid area too.....since this is a surface dwelling species by having areas that provide cover to allow them to get to the top for air, feeding...etc.....the tall items can help them get to the top without being seen...along with mid water and bottom areas to hide-all can be helpful...

While strong filtration is generally not recommended-sometimes having strong water movement in the middle of the tank can help by breaking up fights and/or the they are after each other and swim through the current it will knock them around and sometimes help...not always...but sometimes and this may help the weaker one get away.....

I usually won't remove any females until they look really stressed-clamped, panting, staying at the surface with their head in the corner-just nipped fins and missing scales I don't worry too much about unless they are deep wounds....

Can you post of pic of your tank....
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Thanks! will try to post a pic from my cellphone- my tank has alot of tall plants. No deep wounds, just one girl has her fins nipped, but she is not stressed. Will keep you posted.

Thanks for advice!
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I actually put my 6th girl back in and they are doing really well- seeming to dance for me in unison when it's feeding time (or when they perceive it is feeding time, which is ALL the time).

Only occasional chasing, and no obvious fin ripping this morning, so I will let them be for now. I need to figure out how to make my cell phone talk to my computer so i can post a pic.
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