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New owner of 3G Eclipse Tank! Questions.

Hi, everybody.

We have decided to get a betta for our 5 year old. Don't have a fish yet - my daughter will pick one on her BD.
I did some research though and just ordered the 3G Eclipse Tank, Hydor Theo 25W heater, API Matster Test Kit, thermometer, some silk plants, Tetra betta pellets and bloodworms, and Tetra AquaSafe watre conditioner
I did search this forum and got loads of valuable info, so thanks everyone!
I still have some questions about this tank:

1. From what I understand the biowheel suppose to make cycling much easier. Is that correct? Does it also allow to have fewer water changes?
2. What would be recommended water changes schedule for this tank?
3. I hear a lot about vacuuming. I am assuming this is done with the use of a siphon. Any good suggestions for this?
4. Is it ok to buy 1-2 nerita snails for this size of a tank?

Also any other info, recommendations, etc., regarding this tank will be really appreciated!

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!
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A 3 gallon can be cycled, but it won't be steady and will crash from time to time due to the water surface being smaller- so I wouldn't worry about trying to cycle it. It will cycle in it's own way as it ages. You still want to keep an eye on it though with the test kit a few times a week at least for the first 4-6 weeks and change a small portion of water when/if you see ammonia/nitrate spikes.

For a 3 gallon with filtered I would recommend at least 1 50% water change per week using the siphon (you can cut out a lot of the siphoning if in the future you add in some root based aquatic plants.
Technically, the ideal water change for a tank that size, filtered is 1 50% water only and 1 50% with siphoning each week. But keep an eye on the testing, and you can lessen it down as long as the parameters are safe/correct.

As for the snails, I would only get one for that size of a tank with no live plants- they won't breed (normally) in fresh water, but they do produce a big amount of waste and ammonia- all snails produce a great amount of waste. So you don't want to be adding in too many. If you do decide to go for two, then I would do the 2x weekly water changes stated above to make sure the water stays clean. You will have to supplement their food as you won't have any algae right away, nor live plants for them to munch on. Algae wafers are commonly used and liked by them- just have to be secretive with them and your betta, as the betta may try to eat it all. I would recommend tossing in one or two wafers when the tank light is off and it's relatively dark- or keep him busy at the front with food of his own and try to sneak one or two wafers in the back.
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Thanks a lot for reply! I guess I will go with 1 snail for now.
So what is the purpose of biowheel? Isn't it suppose to introduce good bacteria and, and keep ammonia levels down?
Also any suggestions for siphon, or they are all pretty much the same?
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I would go for a smaller siphon, such as this one, but any one would work, I would personally avoid the larger ones as they will remove the water too quickly.

The bio wheel is pretty much just a type of filter- having a filter does reduce the amount of water changes- without one you would be having to do a weekly 100% along with a 50% per week. It is also a place for the beneficial bacteria to colonize.. so it does help, and it's a good thing.
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eclipse 3

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