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Non color-enhancing food

So I recently acquired a pretty close to completely white betta and want him to stay that way. I normally feed my boys NLS, but it has "color-enhancing" properties (it has Spirulina and beta carotene). After a few months of being fed on this my cellophane has developed a red tint to his fins. I don't want my white plakat to do the same. Are there any high-quality betta foods that don't have "color-enhancing" properties?
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I don't know if any but you could feed live foods or ask the breeder what he/she feeds their fish.
I've found that even by feeding the same foods the breeder of my fish feeds, my fish's color will change quickly. Much more than just the food will influence a betta's coloring.
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As far As I know color enhancing foods only brings out what ever color they already have, not create new colors. So you will most probably have color change with age regardless of feeding, if your betta has those genes. But you could try wormy food - I don't think they enhance colors like shrimp types of food. And expose him to less UV/sun light.

There is no guarantee your little guy won't change color as most whites do. I mainly feed mine frozen BW and mine get little to no direct sunlight. But most of them still change color.
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These fish were actually Petsmart fish, and I have no clue who their supplier/breeder is. I'm aware that betta like goldfish and koi (actually it was researching koi food that got me thinking about this) go through color changes throughout their life. I was able to find koi food without spirulina in it as the added beta carotene has a habit of making white koi kinda pinky. I was just wondering if there was betta food like that.

I went looking through the ingredients of Omega One and didn't see Spirulina in the list. But it does say something about "natural color enhancers" through salmon skin... I wonder how much truth there is in that.
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