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ich problem...

So my 10g community tank with my betta Alpha [red/ purple crown tail :D] has a small ich problem. Maybe 1 to 7 white spots depending on the fish.

I added dissolved aquarium salt enough for a 10g, and turned the temperature slowly to 83/84 degrees.

Is this method even useful? I dont want to purchase medication unless I know that the temperature and Aq. Salt is good enough.

I learned 83/84 degrees speeds up the cycle of the ich, so that it leaves the hosts body faster than normal, thus starving it and killing the spores.
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The precautions you are taking are the right ones to take when your tank has ICH.
Raising the temperature to 85 would be ideal, as this temperature keeps them from reproducing and kills them
Also, do you know the cause of this disease? ICH, only affects stressed fish with a low immune system.

Stocking -
Recently added things, living or decoration -
Did he encounter anything stressful, like constant flaring, moving from tank to tank -
Is the tank cycled -
Water parameters -
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I think it could be due to immune, ran out of black worms and pellets so been feeding him omega one flakes. He doesn't eat them as much, could be the case??

I recently had to do a 100% water change to fully clean my sand/ flourish substrate cause it started to increase ammonia levels from the poop . Thy could be it. Right now water is fine decent hard/ soft ratio. pH is 7.4 and ammonia/ nh4 levels are good now. So I don't know the full cause of the problem :/. Only guesses for now, but I did see an improvement from temp raising, going to keep it at 85 for a few days as precaution.
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