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Holes in fin :(

So I've asked many questions on here so far and I've always gotten experienced helpful responses. Well ive had antione for almost 2 weeks now and he's seemed healthy so far. He eats well and swims around. His heater stopped working a couple days ago >:/ I'm going to return it and the thermometer that says its 76 when it's cold to the touch. But yesterday when I turned his tank light off for bed time he freaked out and kind of jumped sideways. Also yesterday I was in my room and heard him hit something in the tank I think it was the light. A day or two before that I showed him a mirror as I heard that's good exercise and he freaked out and swam away so fast I could actually hear him hit the other side of the tank... I felt so bad... And now today I noticed a tiny hole in his caudal fin. Like he was stabbed with a sewing needle. He still eats fine (6-8 pellets a day) and I chase him with my finger for exercise ( my finger against his tank. I don't think it stresses him because he comes up to it sometimes) I've also been treating him with melafix because I thought he had fin rot. I know this isn't the best for them but it's all I had access too. There's one more day of this treatment. I was told in another thread that it may just be the hardness of my water and the fact that he's a crown tail that's causing his fins to curl. But what about all the other symptoms... Is he sick? What should I do?
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Typically fin rot starts from the edge of the fins, as does tailbiting so I wouldn't expect the problem that your encountering to be one of those. Holes in the fins are from plastic plants ripping them, or from excessive flaring. Since it doesn't spins like any disease Just maintain water quality and check levels daily to make sure that he doesn't actually attain a disease.
The only treatment for ripped fins or excessive flaring is clean, warm water so it will heal faster.
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He does flare a lot... Like constantly. His fins aren't ever stretched out completely but they're always spread out. He swims and they go back and the second he stops they're up again. If this is what's causing the holes in his fins how do I stop from doing it? I don't think he sees his reflection because he gets scared when I show him. Also what about the spaz attacks? He did it this morning before I turned his light on. He darted to the bottom and swam in a circle really fast and then just laid there for a few seconds and when I came back in he was swimming normally
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I'm a newbie here...not too sure on what might work. But I had same problem, aside from a tailbiter. He kept flairing constantlly at his reflection--although if yours can't see his reflection not sure if this will work. I took several pieces of light blue construction paper and taped them to the outside of the back of his tank. That way he can't see his relection as good....also made it a bit darker, which made hin a bit more secure--I guess? lol May not look too pretty as a background, but it's seemed to have done the trick and he doesn't flare nearly as much. Maybe give it a try? :)

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Also could try an organic Almond Leaf, Green, or Rooibos tea. I advocate them a lot, but I like them. Rooibos tea will darken the water a bit and has tannins. He'll be calmer and happy.Otherwise, try keeping the light off for a day or so, he might just be having a hard time adjusting.
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