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Mislead & Worried


I am a proud owner of a betta I named Mr. Betty!

Unfortunately I listened to the a******* at the pet store and the guy told me his betta fish lived in a corona beer bottle at home. After reading all this info I'm now worried that my fish is going to die soon :( All it is living in right now is a small bowl and I bought conditioner for the water to make it safe.

I'm hoping to get a proper tank, heating system and filter ASAP but will my fish survive for the next couple days if I keep feeding it etc ? I have a desk lamp over it and (don't laugh) an electric heating pad underneath the bowl cause I'm afraid the water is too cold. No idea if it's helping but I really don't want Mr Betty to die!

So bottom line, can my fish toughen it out for a day or two longer before I get him in a proper home?
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Yes he should be ok. Keep up with water changes every other day. Make sure you aclimate him to the new water's temp & chemistry slowly.
Best of luck!
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Don't worry, we've all been there and regretted it. At least you realised what was what sooner rather than later. :)

Just keep his water clean and warm until the day you get the stuff. I would recommend a 50% change per day to be on the safe side.
Do keep an eye on the temperature -the heating pad could overheat the bowl. I would also suggest removing the desk light. When you turn it off (which you need to do to let him sleep) the temperature of the water will drop quite dramatically, and this could shock him. Rather than use the desk light, wrap the bowl in a towel and cover it with something (leaving space for him to breathe) to trap the heat and humidity in. :)
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I'd be worried about the heating pad too- especially if it's a people heating pad.. Put a thick towel between the bowl and heater, so he doesn't fry overnight.
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