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So Many Ailments in my Betta

My betta has been doing horrid. I have noticed many ailments in my betta since July of 2011. Right now, I can name everything that my betta is experiencing. The most noticeable thing on my betta is the fact that it has turned completely red and it's fins are getting noticeably smaller. This may be fin rot but there are a lot more things. He is also rubbing his body against things, very inactive, clumped fins, body is whitish red (used to be dark blue), mouth and eyes are white, gills clear, swims odd, etc. I am truly worried about my betta. I am bad about cleaning the tank (awful habit) and I feel really bad. Any one have any ideas of possible diseases and treatments? Any suggestions will be helpful.
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He probably has a mixture of bacterial and fungal diseases. The redness really is not good, it's probably ammonia poisoning from living in dirty water.

How big is the tank, and does he have a heater?


1. Clean your tank. Clean water is a must. Use a good water conditioner. Prime is excellent.

2. Get a broad spectrum medication in there with him, fast. I've never had a fish that sick, so maybe someone can suggest a good product for that.

3. Clean your tank. Make sure to acclimate your fish into his new water for at least 20 mins, by floating him in a cup and adding a little new water to it every 5 mins.

The tank is your betta's whole world, his air and living space. Imagine yourself in a similar space, with similar conditions of health and cleanliness when you look at your very sick fish. It may help remind you about those water changes.

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He probably has ich, due to rubbing against things.
Also, if he's turned red, ammonia burns might be a problem.. change the water.
Swimming funny could be a number of issues.. Swim bladder disease if he looks like he can't stay below water.
Some photos would be nice. Note that from this description he sounds pretty far gone. :/
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