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Help~~~my betta keeps dieing

hey guys, im so sad, my first keeping the betta was failed... they all died, and i dont know what happened. could anyone can tell me how to keep the betta fish well ? plz~~~~~~
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this belongs in the betta care section i'll give some tips though-

first, you'll want warm water and a tank atleast 1 gallon or bigger, betta's need space like any other fish. they might could live in a puddle doesn't mean they like to be in there

also i would suggest to buy a little heater (matter of size of the tank) for the betta because they are warm water fish. if you get like i say a 5 gallon by a filter as well. there like any other fish, just with long flowy fins. some could actually be kept with other fish, males cannot be with other males. females could be with females, matter of personality of fish. at least a 10 gallon and up to 3-4 females to begin, the more females, the less aggression.
as many say they do not need a bubbler at all, they breathe through the top, so make sure if you have a cover to have holes for air.
to keep your betta from being bored, give him/her a daily flaring, where you give a little mirror to the betta to flare at, at least 15 minutes.
give a betta 2-4 pellets (matter of size of betta) twice a day, you could also feed betta's brine shrimp, blood worms, daphina, flakes, etc. to warn you be careful with live, they could end up with a most likely un-curable disease called "dropsy" symptoms are that low energy, bloated stomach, and raised scales (like a pine cone) also make sure that a betta gets there tank cleaned weekly as well.
~ hoped this helped good luck on another
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