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Originally Posted by Moderator View Post
Oh yes, sorry. I re-read it before you made the comment Becasue the information I provided wasn't well written at all. I didn't notice your comment when I edited, sorry,
Bah, no need to be sorry lol I like your second comment much more anyways :)
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Bettas are control freaks. They could care less about territory as long as they are in charge of all the fish.

If they were young males or siblings it MIGHT work but I don't recommend it. I believe bettas see about 3 feet in distance so in order for a set up to work each male betta would have to have three feet in every direction to himself and lots of live plants.

Bettas fight for control and later to prove they are the strongest. The biggest, toughest, female breeds to the alpha male.

I have housed siblings together but that spawn never got aggressive. I recommend just keeping them seperate.
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Just a quick quote. I don't recommend keeping them together, just showing that it can be done, yet is very unlikely, PS. Th

has successfully kept 2 male bettas in a 260 liter (approx 57 imp gallons / 68 US gallons), along with a whole load of female bettas! I started off buying 6 females from my lfs then adding to their numbers with purchases from elsewhere. These purchases included a breeding pair of gorgeous copper dragon HM's. I added the girl to my tank and put the boy in a fry floater whilst I did some maintenance on his new home. There was no flaring from him and by the time I returned to the tank to remove him from his floater trap he was no longer in it, but swimming away happily with all my girls! No flaring and no aggression from any one of them! As my original 6 grew I notice that one of them was becoming a bit 'stroppy'. After posting pics of her on here I realised that he was infact a young PK male. I removed him from the tank and all was well. Checking out the other females I noticed another of my original 6 that looked just like the one that I'd discovered to be male. Yes,- I definitely had another male! The only thing I needed to change in the tank however was her name! My two boys made their 'home' at opposite ends of the tank,- but regularly swam into each others territories or met in the middle. There was never ever any aggression between either of them with each other, or with/from any of the girls.

I know most people would say you cannot or should not keep males together,- but I personally think it just depends on the nature of the individual betta. They are all so very different! I would not intentionally add another male in with my girls once both my males have passed on,- but I see no reason to change anything in my tank whilst they are all so peaceful together! I am very lucky I know to have found two such placid, laid back boys!

My tank is very densely planted with java fern at each end and floating amazon frogbit. Lots of places for them all to rest in and call their own
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Considering my two females found each other in a heavily planted 45 gallon tank in the course of a few minutes and proceeded to beat each other up until I separated them, I would advise against it.

I thought they'd be fine because they'd lived together before and had more than enough space for the both of them. Obviously, that was not the case.
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Originally Posted by Koiya View Post
Hi everyone,
I got a 60g tank for my birthday. I currently have 3 small community planted tanks (8g, 10g, 20g) - each one has a betta. I am wondering if it would be possible to move everyone into the larger tank if I heavily, heavily plant it (with a lot of floating plants)? Or would this not work? I currently have 1 (very large!) female crowntail betta, a halfmoon male betta, and a plakat (visually impaired a bit...he's a dragonscale and his eyes are covered up by pigment a little!) male. None of them are aggressive with their tankmates, but the female does chase around the tetras every once and a while. Her tank is right by the halfmoon male's and they can see each other. Thanks!
3 betta in a 60g tank, if i was you i would not worry about it. To me, it is more likely people choice. If your tank is big and have plenty of plants and hiding spots, don't worry too much.
See my tank, that's a 55g and i do have plants and few nice spots for them to hide. I have close to 100 females inside plus i add a giant short tail male to control the group and i am not worry about it. You have only 3. Why don't you try it for yourself and see their behavior toward each other. If you worry too much then separate them if not then you will be just fine.
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I heard that someone else kept bettas with eachother in a 70gal (i think?) but they were wild bettas.
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