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Old 03-20-2012, 07:29 PM   #21 
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My Endler girls bite harder and more frequently than my betta girls. They are crazy little things.
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My babies both jump at my finger. They will also bite when it's in the water. It is really cute! My girl can jump really high.
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hehe i got bit for the first time the other day. actually, it was when my one female, Jackie, first learned how to jump the divider into Frosty's section. i know i shouldn't have but i stuck my hand in there and carefully cupped her out. as i was cupping here Frosty bit me. it was a funny situation. :D
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Old 03-30-2012, 10:19 AM   #24 
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My girl Daffy used to bite me. Lol
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Originally Posted by Hallyx View Post
Is this the one, Vilmarisv?

They don't have the kind of teeth that we mammals have. They're more like sharp raised bumps in their jaw cartilage. Tough enough to crush snails and copepods and shrimp and insect bodies and hard dry pellets. But not enough to hurt you.

There's a parallel thread about biting going on right now. It's very funny.
That pic reminds me of such a close-up of a bug.. Like when SPongebob was in Sandy's dome and a butterfly landed on his water bowl.. The up close was horrifying! This betta pic is strange! But wow had no idea they had little "teeth". Bowser will jump out of water to bite, bc he relates my finger to the paintbrush I give them wormies on but he backs up if I put my finger IN the water!
Ludendorff has become quite the fighter. He latches on and tugs, it does not hurt but I can see why he takes mouthfuls of worms at a time! He's a big strong boy! Must be his genes (he's from Asia ^.^)
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I found it hillarious when Kyon bit me. I was putting a plant back that had come uprooted and I felt something on my arm. Thinking it was a leaf or something stuck to me I looked down and there he was! Mouth wide on my arm! Didn't hurt but it was funny! Love the pic. Had to look very closely but I could see the tiny teeth :)
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Just for the sake of putting my two cents in: Isaac is far more curious than bitey and has never tried to bite for all the times I've stuck my hands in his tank. I did, however, once have a betta who nuzzled.

Yeah. Nuzzled. It was basically too cute for words.
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