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is he alright?

repost because I posted in the wrong forum.

I got my first Betta yesterday.

I put water in the 1.5 gallon tank I had lying around and added the water conditioner I bought at the store.

Last night he ate a little (I think I may have fed him a little too much by mistake) and was swimming around the tank. He mainly kind of hovered near the bottom but would sometimes swim around.

This morning I went to petland to pick up a larger tank and other necessities. I got a tank but I'm not happy with it so I might take it back. He's still in the 1.5 gallon and doesn't have a heater or filter yet. It's top on my list of priorities to fix that but I'm nervous about getting them before I'm settled on his tank.

He doesn't seem to be eating and there seems to be just a bit of white fuzz growing on his back.

I don't know what I did wrong or what to do now.

I don't know if he's stressed in his tank. I've never had a betta before so I'm not sure what stressed looks like.

I just added a few fake plants and a leaf hammock. He appears to be swimming around and checking them out. He's kind of hovering near the hammock but not actually on it.

I snapped some pictures for reference They're pretty big so I'll post links.

Also, if he's in a 1.5 gallon is upgrading a top top priority? I can't find any tanks that I like. I'm in Manhattan so selection in stores seems to be limited. I've checked Petco and petland so far so any suggestions or advice about that would be lovely.
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The pictures do not work. It says page not found.

So about the fuzz, it could be a fungus or columnaris or maybe something else but those are usually the two main "fuzz" culprits.

Without seeing the pics, I can't tell.

What Are the Symptoms of Columnaris?
The most commonly observed form of columnaris often presents itself as stringy white, grey, or off-white "wool" on the fish's face, mouth, or gills. Alternate locations include the "saddle-back" presentation, in which we see a distinct band of the same substance over the back just before the base of the dorsal fin. (Other symtoms may include small gray patches on the face, gasping, and rapid fin loss, but these may be indicative of other diseases, as well). Left untreated, the cottony growths on the fish's body will eat away at the underlying tissues. One of the clear indicators of advanced columnaris is a angry red ulcer with dying white tissue around its perimeter. However, you should not wait until such ulcers appear before deciding to treat! At this stage, the disease is advancing into the internal organs, and the fish is at great risk of secondary infections or death.
You can check out this link too - has info and pics of both fungus and columnaris

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