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Male with an ovipositor?

I've read that males can have an ovipositor. Is there any way to gender them for sure? I've got a "male" CT in a divided 10g next to a male VT, the male VT was sort of a rescue with some fin rot, but he's getting better so I put them i the same (divided) tank. They constantly try to get to each other thru the divider (not surprising) so I've supervised to make sure they aren't too stressed with it, and they seem fine, very active. In fact the "sickly" VT is all fluffed out with very rapid fin repair and he blows bubble nests into a plant that's right next to the divider where they meet. So I assumed the bubble nest was just the VT being territorial with the CT.

But today I noted an ovipositor on the CT, which I swear wasn't there before! Now I'm worried that the CT is actually a girl (and sending my VT into breeding mode...)

I really don't want to jar my CT, as he/she is I think pretty young and I'm doubtful would blow a nest even if he is male.

Any suggestions on other ways to gender? I'll try to post a pic.
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Post a picture of the highest resolution that you can get so that we may be able to help.
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Their ventral fins (the two on their abdomen on the bottom)- females tend to have shorter ones, males have long ones.

As you can see (thanks to Aanya and Spyro) the ventral on the female (left) is short and stubby.. the male it tend to be long, about as long as their anal fin.
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