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Old 03-20-2012, 01:29 PM   #1 
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Help Fed Bettas Too Much

So I fed my Bettas a few pellets of food this morning and when I came home from college today I find out my dad fed them again and fed them a lot more. Now one of their stomachs looks bloated. What should I do? Should I skip feeding them again today?
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Dont feed them for a few days, probably 3 or 4 until they look un-bloated
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Yes, skip feeding today. This thread should be in the Diseases section. Check this thread out.
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Location: New York
ok I'll skip today, but is 3-4 days ok I feel like that would be starving them
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Bettas are not cavernous feeders as they have a pretty slow metabolisom. Watch the water quality because the uneaten food may cause a prob. More should be paid attenttion to water than food intake. Bettas don't need much food, but over feeding can lead to bad water....NOT GOOD...
Bettas are very tolerant to adverse conditions....but be watchful to the water quality of your tank.....If you see alot of bubbles...that is OK...If he's up at the top all the time...that's OK....Just a few flakes of food will suffice for a lone tank...just enough for about 2minute feed time.
Do a (goldfish tank) cleaning about twice a week (for unfiltered tanks)...and he should do fine...
Stick your finger in the tank...If he kisses you...feed him a flake....
If not he's dead.
Please care for your betta...He's so abused for his beauty and hardiness.......................
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Old 03-20-2012, 09:33 PM   #6 
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Three to four days is just fine. Bettas can go a long time without eating. Close to a month in some cases. Fish have different metabolic needs than mammals do as fish don't need to expend energy keeping themselves warm. Mammals need to eat rather often to stay warm; fish don't. Wild fish will often go weeks without eating due to food shortages. He'll look at you like you're starving him, but he's just a little piggy who needs to be put on a diet for a few days.
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If there is uneaten food on the bottom, you can remove it using a turkey baster.. otherwise, as mentioned before, 2-4 days is fine to skip with no ill effects.
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