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New Betta Owner planning on a 10g tank

I haven't purchased anything yet, just making plans and doing research before I dive into the scene.

I'm wondering with a 10g tank, if it would be smart to add another species to the tank. I've seen very mixed opinions on whether or not this will work. I was thinking of just getting a single male for now, and trying to see what his temperament was before going any further. Not really sure how to tell that really tho. Maybe be better off just getting a male and female and using a divider in a 10g tank or just get a 5g tank and a single male? I definitely want a Betta, but a single one in a 10g tank with nothing else seems a bit over sized in my mind.

Thanks for the input.
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Ten gallon tank is big enough to have tank mates. But you want to be careful not to overcrowd it. You could get some cories. the betta and cories live in separate levels of the water so im sure they would get along just fine. Maybe someone can suggest how many you can have but im sure 4 is the minimum amount for them to be happy

You could divide the tank if you like more bettas.

Or he would be fine in his 10 gallon alone. You could provide tons of plants for a fun environment
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you could add some shrimp, but beware the betta may hunt the shrimp. if you don't mind that, they could be a good option.
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Cories are def a good idea, considering they're in different levels of the tank. But they need to be in a group of 5+, be sure to keep it to the smaller ones like pygmys so they don't get longer than an inch. :)
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It is entirely dependent on the betta's personality as to whether it is a good idea or not. :) As people have said, cories are usually a safe bet, as they are not too flashy or colourful and stay out of the betta's way.

If you do decide to turn your tank into a community, take your betta out, re-arrange the tank, add the other fish in first and THEN re-add your betta. This will help him to think that the tank isn't his territory. :)
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Tank mates completely depend on your betta's personality. I have three bettas in larger tanks at the moment, so I'll discuss them to give examples.

I have Fugu, my dumbo halfmoon in a 27G cube with threadfin rainbows, a mild-mannered German Blue Ram, 6 otocinclus cats, and about 30 red cherry shrimp. He hunts the shrimp a LOT. In fact, during much of the time he spends at the front of the tank, I only see his bottom half. He dives head-first into the plants to peck at or hunt for the poor shrimps :P Once I'm out of cherries, I don't think I'll buy anymore.

I have my mustard gas in a 15g with furcata rainbows and otocinclus, and he does rather well. He's probably the most mild-mannered of all my bettas, as he even lets the rainbows get food before himself. I usually have to feed him specially out of my hand or tongs to made sure he gets enough food. :P

Then I have Sashimi in an 8g cube. I thought that surely he'd tolerate otocinclus, since they're algae-eating cats that suck on plants and the sides of the tank (not invading his swim space), but that was unsuccessful. I tried giving him some otos, but I found that he mauled one, so I took the other two out.. He flares at any fish I put near his tank, so he only has snails for company :P They're about the only thing he tolerates.
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