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My female fish had the same problem as Holly, but sadly she passed away :( She had fuzzy patches first, then started losing color in patches, and also had extreme fin rot :(
Betta stomachs are only as big as their eyes, and if they eat too much at one time, they can get bloated. I think you might be feeding him too much. Feed portions as big as their eyes twice a day, I think is the general rule.
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Well, if he is sick, the fact that he's still eating and being active gives cause to be optimistic :) Good luck in taking care of your boy.

And don't fret over the water changes. My bettas get changes every other day (sometimes every third day if I'm really busy), and I consider their water to be very clean. It sounds like you are really doing a good job caring for him. Some things just fall out of our control. Stay patient, gather more information, and I think you'll have a healthy, happy betta eventually.

And I am glad your child is ok :) I'm sure it is rough to see your little one get so sick.
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Jumping gene wasn't ruled out, but he got his colour back in the AQ salt, so we just assumed it was illness related.

I can't understand how he can be this sick but still be active, still flare and still eat so well. Nearly everything I've read says that a sick betta doesn't do those things.

I just wish I knew what was wrong. :(
Normally sick bettas are not active and quit eating. They are usually claped, lethargic and float at the top of stay on the bottom, loose color, ect.

I did a quick search for white patches but all that comes up is either fungus or columnaris
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It sounds like maybe a sporozoa infection, or costia? I can't find anything similar at all... Sporozoa is incurable, costia can be cured. Thing is there's like no photos, so I'm going off description. Maybe bring it up at TFK..
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Hey i hope your kid feel better. I know it so crazy and overwhelming when you kid is sick and you are so wonderful care about your fish. I am the same way though lol
I think you don't need to treat him with medications any longer. It too much medications. And specially if it not helping the immune system probably resistant to it. So you just overdosing him.

Also it true about warm water it not good if fish has fungus. But i don't think he has it. Because with fungus he would have fuzzy like patches… I also don't think he has parasites . For external parasites he would dart around, scratching himself on the gravel, plants...white spots but i think looks different then your fish. I think I am not expert afraid to be wrong though…I think with ich spots look different. Did you try to google it?
Internal parasites look for the poop it white and black, and stringy with internal parasites...

So i don't think you need to increase water temperature.

How big is your tank? May be you don't need to do every day water changes...I am actually the one who always recommend extra water changes. I do a lot for my fish, but 100% every day for long time may be a little too much.

I think 4-5 pellets 2 times a day + freeze dried blood worms kind of too much. I know some people feeding 4 pellet 2 times a day. I feed 2 pellet 2 times a day and freeze blood worms about 2-3 times a week. Usually if i give worms in the morning i don't give pellets.

Also as I am writing I look at the picture he don’t look like he fed 5 pellets 2 times a day. Usually if fish has internal parasites it losing weight with eating. But then other symptoms don’t look like he has internal parasites.

I think if he is eating and active you don’t need to treat him or change water temp.

You wrote that you treated him with aquarium salt. Did you finish all course of it?

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Just read your previous post...did you use all course of Triple Sulfa before?
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Sena Hansler
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Don't increase water temperature. Try keeping it 76 degrees, in case it is fungal. It does look like marbling, but the one close up picture shows it is more grey? It could be an internal infection as well, as many people have experienced with "they were healhy when I bought them" fish, they are hiding an internal bacterial or parasitic infection, that shows a while after...

Anything change for him, other than the missed water change? and the heater?

Did you test the heater before hand? slimey water, foam, yellow tint, smell, etc, are all signs of a bad heater!

It looks similar to "necrosis" or whatever it is called, but not quite.. it's like, breaking down the live tissue and causing grey patches - much similar to rot. Not sure what you could use, seeing all the stuff you've tried beforehand, because of poor Holly's ordeal!!

Tetracycline and Kanaplex, I heard are good. I have Kanaplex - and it came in time to work for the ravid disease my one blue got.

I suggest completely cleaning that tank he is in, with hot hot water and vinegar (equal amounts) or bleach.. dunno the ratio. This includes rocks (which I would remove for the time being), and ornaments. all live plants should be removed too, if you have any. It's basically a sterilization...
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Thank you everyone.

Olympia, it could possibly be sporozoa. It doesn't quite fit, but its the closest I've read!

Someone at TFK has suggested I give him a break from all the meds for a few days. considering the meds aren't working, I can't see the harm in that, so I'll change the water today, put the filter back in and leave him alone for a bit. I'm also going to cut his food down to 3 pellets twice a day, and only give the bloodworms 1-2 times a week instead of pellets.

His poo is normal, so i don't think he's got any internal parasites. But the poor thing eats and eats and still looks so skinny.

Being in Australia, I have a very limited range of medications to choose from. I can't buy kanaplex or Maracyn etc.

Man, I never thought fish keeping could be so hard!
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Just a note, I believe tap water from Australia is quite hard (oriinally from sydney) not sure if that has anything to do with it...
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Fish keeping not really hard. All i do just feed and do regular water changes. And i say hey to them..But because you probably rescued sick betta what is why it so difficult. And you doing so wonderful job for him. He is very lucky betta to have you. I just don't want you to get wrong idea that it difficult to keep the fish. I hope Holly will get better or if he will die he still was really happy with you and i hope you will rescue another betta.

But if you ever decide to get another betta you will need to disinfect the tank very well.
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