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Mandy Pandy
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Single Male vs Sorority

I'm torn. Currently I have a 20 gallon that is on day 3 of cycling so I haven't bought any fish yet so I still have some time to decide. I'm not sure if I want to start a sorority tank or have a single male betta with other fishy friends. Part of me thinks getting a single male would be easier but I like the idea of having those lovely ladies. So..for those of you with a single male in a large tank.. What other fishies do you have in there?
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I would go with a single male if I were you, these are my reasons why.
-with a sorority there is a high chance of accidentally purchasing a young male when trying for a female, making this problem could lead to the death of one of your fish

-there is a high chance of buying a female that is too aggresive for a sorority and will pick on the other females too much

-you will need to spend hours and hours every clue of days monitoring aggression, so if you have a jam packed day, a sorority isn't the best choice

-and feeding is always a problem as the dominant one will eat an abundance of food, while the others will get a very small amount. Leading to bloating, constipation, and Swim Bladder Disease to the dominant one, and stress towards the skinnier ones

From having multpiple community Betta tanks I have found that plakats seem to be the least aggresive, and lest prone to nipping. Ideally I would aim for either plakats of veil tails as they a the most placid, well behaved ones out of all.

Some great Betta tank mate choices seem to be such as cardinals, neons, embers, most of the Corydoras species, sparkling gouramis, kuhli loaches, endlers, and wild guppies, not fancy ones

Here is a post I made a while back on another forum

Some Betta fish will NOT tolerate tank mates and will go on a killing frenzy when introduced to other fish, so if you do decide to keep your Betta with other fish. Make sure that you have a backup plan incase It doesn't work. And make sure that you add the Betta last, because this will prevent some aggresion. If you add it first then the Betta will claim its territory and then when you introduce the new fish the Betta will think that the new fish are in his territory and kill the fish

generally compatible fish for bettas

----Name of fish-------minimum tank size------minimum group number

Ember tetras--------10 gallons----------six
Habrosus cories--------10 gallons----------six
hastatus cories------10 gallons-------------six
Von-rio tetras-------------15 gallons---------ideally 7 or more
Pristilla tetras------------10 gallons-----------six
Head and light tetras----10-------------------six
Cherry barbs----------15 gallons----------------six
Neon tetras-------------10 gallons------------ Six
Neons tetras can be a bit nippy when kept in small numbers so you would need atleast 6 to house them properly with a Betta
galaxy rasboras------------10 gallons-----------Six
panda and pygmy cories------10 gallons-----------Six
most other cories-----------15-20 gallons -----Six
harlequin rasbora -----------10 gallons---------Six
non fancy female guppies------10 gallons ------- Three
endlers livebearers------------5 gallons---------Three
zebra danios-----------------3.5 foot tank-------Six
Bristle nose plecos------------2.5 foot tank-------One
Bushy nose plecos-------------2.5 foot tank------One
non colorful platies------------10 gallons---------Three
glo fish----------------------3.5 foot tank--------Six
rummy nose tetras------------15 gallons-----------Six
glo light tetras----------------10 gallons----------Six
cardinal tetras----------------15 gallons----------Six
X ray tetras-------------------10 gallons----------Six
"feeder guppies"---------------5 gallons-----------Three
Khuli loaches------------------2 foot tank--------Six
Scissor tail rasboras-------------10 gallons----------Six
Otos---------------------------10 gallons---------3 - 4
Bloodfin tetras-------------------15 gallons-------- Six
Rasbora Brigittae-----------------5 gallons----------Six
Black neon tetras------------------10 gallons-------Six
Endlers-----------------------------5 gallons----------three
Yoyo loaches

Shrimp that are compatible with bettas
Ghost shrimp---------------------2.5 gallons --------one
Amano shrimp-------------------2.5 gallons----------one
Cherry shrimp-------------------2.5 gallons---------one
and a little note about shrimp, they are a hit and miss, some bettas are fine with shrimp and some aren't but all of my bettas have been fine with shrimp that are over 1 inch. I would suggest that a well planted tank with lots of cover should be used when having small ghost shrimp or cherry shrimp

Snails that are compatible with bettas
Apple snails------------------5 gallons-----------one
Ramshorn snails------------2.5 gallons---------one
Malaysian trumpet snails---2.5 gallons--------one
Pond snails--------------------2.5 gallons---------one
Nerite snails------------------2.5 gallons----------one
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I was planning on some rainbowfish, but due to wanting to divide my tank I don't think that will happen :) Many are ideal for medium hard water which can reduce coloration in soft water amazon fish. Most city taps give hard water in my experience, so you could look into these guys. They are very active and show great colours when you have mixed groups of males and females.
Small Rainbowfish (and blue eyes) that would be good for 20gallons:

Werneri (threadfin rainbowfish)

Gertrudae (spotted blue eye)

Furcata (fork tail blue eye)
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All of the Bove posted fish aren't the ideal tank mates for bettas due to nipping problems, and aggression
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You posted neon tetra.
Blue eyes are shy, peaceful fish, and in a proper school, much like tetra, wouldn't be nipping.
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I would expect more aggresion from the Betta himself as males will kill any colorful, fast moving, long finned fish such as the ones you recommended. If male guppies aren't generally compatible then those won't do well either. From lots of experience they don't seem to be ideal tankmates together
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Old 03-21-2012, 05:04 PM   #7 
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I'd divide the tank 2 or 3 times and keep only males with a option of shrimp or a snail.
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Location: Kingston, Ontario
I have heard that they are great tank mates from people on here.
And a male betta would need to be pretty skilled to catch a fast fish.
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Old 03-21-2012, 05:08 PM   #9 
Mo's Avatar
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Yet. From constantly chasing the fast fish,The fish will be stressed meaning that its immune system would be low, leading to diseases such as ich, fungus, and others. Ideally you want to stay away from this type of habitat. There Many more contributing factors than the ability to catch a fish, just got to think a bit more into it, and you'll find it a bit more important than you originally did

Also, still male bettas will find those types of rainbow fish as intimidating fish and will constantly chase them
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Old 03-21-2012, 05:12 PM   #10 
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Location: Kingston, Ontario
I have heard from people on here that they make great tank mates.
Not all male betta are aggressive, and aggression is possible to ANY fish you mentioned, ANY fish you mentioned can stress a betta just as much, hence I do NOT see the point you are trying to make. Different fish have different attitudes and some can have tank mates and some can't.
Diving it 3 ways for 3 boys would be a good idea. You can have a lot of betta like a sorority but do not have to worry about aggression.
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