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Old 03-22-2012, 01:42 AM   #1 
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Question How to Tell if Anubias is Healthy or Dying?

I was wondering what some of the warning signs are for the begining of the end for Anubias.
I got my first Anubias about 10 days ago. I just got two more today. Well I was comparing the old one with the new ones and they do not look the same. :/
The new anubias have white roots and lighter leaves while the older one has greenish roots and darker leaves. (all three are anubias nana)
I also noticed that the new ones have no odor but the old one smells like wet soil. nd the older one's roots are trying to move upwards toward the surface.

I was just curious if this was normal? They are all reciving the same care and setups so if the old one is dying then I am pretty sure the others will eventually too.
I want to make sure it is not dying because I have heard dying plants can make your fish sick.

All the plants are each in 1 gallon filterless tanks with a lump of java moss (the moss is doing great btw. lol)

This is my first experince with live plants so any info would be helpful. :)
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Old 03-22-2012, 01:52 AM   #2 
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Location: Seattle, WA
Anubias are pretty hardy plants. The older leaves will be a darker color but they could also be a lighter green if they don't receive much light.
The new leaves will be smaller and light green which will trun darker over time.
I don't think the are dying, seem normal to me according to your description.
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Old 03-22-2012, 01:57 AM   #3 
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Location: Central Ohio, USA
Well, I'm in no way an expert, but my plant research seems to indicate that light levels play a roll in leaf color. I also remember reading that new leaf growth is a sign of a healthy plant.

Give them several weeks to adjust to their new living conditions. Watch for dead leaves and remove those so they don't decay & mess with your water conditions.

I've always loved plants and theres little difference in aquatic and terrestrial plants. Well, except aquatic plants are way less likely to get aphids!
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