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Chronic Bloat

I would fill out the tank info form, but this is affecting 3 different bettas in 3 totally separate tanks.

They all are at the temp 79F, one is in a 3 gal tank, one is in a 1 gal tank, and the last is in a half gallon bowl- he gets upset if I try to move him to a bigger space.

I've been feeding the same Top Fin betta pellet for a year now. Suddenly this week 3 of my bettas are bloated at the same time. I've never had any issues with this until now, and my other 6 are fine- I have too many fish . I've tried fasting them, feeding less, and I tried salt treatment on the worst of the three. None of it seems to make a difference. I tried switching food but it didn't make a significant improvement.

I don't know for certain that they are in any way related, but it is an extremely odd coincidence considering I've never had any issues with bloat in the year since I started keeping bettas. The only one that seems very affected by this I suspect has other health issues and is older. He's the only one that was fully grown when I bought him, and I've had him about 3 months. If I feed him two tiny pellets, even though his stomach was normal size before, he swells up to the size of a pea. When I get him to flare to help him pass it, he expels a large amount of gas and sometimes poo that floats. Any suggestions about a course of action? Is this something that could just be worsening with age?
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You don't want to confuse bloat with a normal enlarged tummy and treat needlessly......remembering that CT and doubletails can sometimes look more rotund normally due to body shape/style

With bloat you generally will have other symptoms-buoyancy issues, clamp fins, lethargic, hiding, stops eating and pooping along with the enlarged abdomen to name a few common S/S....

It is normal for the tummy to look enlarged after a meal for several hours to days depending on the water temp, digestion rate, food type, age of fish, general body condition....etc......

Fish foods that are high in grains can cause more of an enlarged abdomen-the gases produced by the grain in the gut can cause the distention-if it is prolonged it cause bad bacteria to develop in the gut-then swelling in the ducts that can greatly compromise their ability to pass waste-inflamed, infected duct then can go into full blown bloat and they become symptomatic.

The best treatment I have found when a day or two fast doesn't Epsom salt (Not aquarium salt) depending on how bad or how many S/S of bloat...I may QT in a bare container-increase the temp to at least 80F and use Epsom salt 3tsp/gal with tannins premixed in a 1gal jug of dechlorinted water and start 25% water changes every 15min for 1 hour the first day then 50% for the next 10-14 days....this will vary based on S/S....but I want to treat for at least 10 full days to cover infected duct to be safe.....

I never fast more than 2 days except in extreme cases-nutrition is really important for the immune response.

Often you need to change foods too....look at the ingredient list....feeding live foods like mosquito larva is also a good idea in sever cases of bloat....

Bloat can also be caused by water quality issues, constipation, genetic issues, stress- as well as high grain based foods
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Thank-you, I'll try the Epsom salts. He is ending up on his side near the surface when he stops moving, so I do think this is more severe than just a full tummy. He's always been a little odd/sick looking since I got him, and whenever I tried to move him into a larger tank he would start to act like he was dying. Right now he's moving around pretty well but I haven't fed him yet today. I was just about to head to the fish store, so I'll pick up some new types of food as well.
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