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Is ich easy to cure?

Saw a gorgeous white betta, with reddish fins at the pet store. He clearly has ich.. I was wondering how easy it'd be to cure him, with AQ salt or ich treatment.. My heater isn't adjustable so I can't turn the heat up, unless I put him in my large tank that is still cycling :(
If he can wait a week or so I'd love to go get him, I don't have a tank atm <3
So sad, a lot of the betta at the mall had ich, but he caught my attention. There was a GORGEOUS CT, but I feel like I should go for the sick boy <3
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I've had fish that got ick before and I was always able to cure them. I've never used aquarium salt for it, always the 'ick cure' or whatever was at the pet store for ick. This was some years back, before I knew about aquarium salt. Still, if you can treat them early, it can be cured.

I would try to get him as soon as possible though. The longer he has ick, the harder it will be to cure!
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Reference Team
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I just medicated for my ich as it had killed 5 of my females before I noticed it and I wanted to make sure it was nuked and not coming back.

The spots disappeared in a few days and the improvement was pretty obvious in behaviour.

I used Waterlife Protozin and it did a good enough job for me. I think mine came in with ich and since it's not a disease I have had in 3 years of fish-keeing, I figured using meds once wasn't likely to create any resistant strain I'd have to worry about.
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I don't really want to put him in my big tank though, I want to wait until my small one is emptied then treat him in there. Hopefully he will still be there in a week, he was so adorable. Don't think anyone that noticed those spots would buy him..
I'll probably just use an ich cure, that should clear it up faster.

I found it really unusual that so many betta had ich.
I was also at the fish store, and they had one lonely pygmy cory, like half a centimeter long. I wish my tank would cycle faster.. :(
I just bought a master test kit for $50 at the fish store, since pet smart people were being terribly rude, I'd waited a week and they got none, and they lady said I couldn't order one in and she doesn't know when they'll come in. I couldn't wait longer so had to pay an extra $10 at the LFS >:( But at least it'll last, like forever.
edit: oh wow 1000 posts :D
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