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Betta acting strangely

So I've had my Betta for about a month now. I have just noticed for a week now his pectoral fins have been completely torn and only resemble a C shape. I was without money until this past Friday so I wasn't able to get anything for him.

On Friday, I went out and I grabbed the BettaFix stuff so for 3 days now I have put in 1/2 teaspoon of it in his 3.5 gallon tank in hopes that will fix his pectoral fins. Yesterday, I went to an Aquarium store and the man told me to put in some Aquarium salt so I put in 1 3/4 teaspoon of that in, pretty sure it evaporated cause I don't see the crystals on the bottom of the tank.

I notice also that he's been staying at the top more than swimming around his tank which is 3.5 gallons. I had taken out his filter since pretty much a week of having him but today I decided to put it back in as I can't seem to figure out a proper schedule for cleaning his tank. I can't tell exactly if hes just playing around in the currant or if I should take it back out.

He's been swimming nose down as well. I thought I've seen a white spot on his body as well so i'm not sure if that's Ich or what.

Please help me save my fish!!! :)
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This isn't a comprehensive answer by any means, but I wanted to say the salt does not evaporate. The crystals will eventually dissolve to the point where you cannot see them, and you really should mix them into clean water before putting it into your tank to avoid concentrated areas of salinity.

My bettas tend to stay at the top when they have a filter current, almost as if they're swimming against it. They don't feel comfortable roaming their tanks unless there is little or no disruption. I would just make sure you keep his water clean to treat him. If you continue with the salt, remember to only replace as much as the amount of solution you removed from the tank with the water change unless you're intentionally increasing the salinity. I've managed to avoid using medicine to treat any of my fish, just clean water and occasionally aquarium salt, and I'm very hesitant to start adding chemicals to their water.
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I think you need to buffer the filter, I had to super buffer mine before the fish would explore his tank again. the super buffong involved wrapping a piece of plastic around the intake to cut water intake in half, extending a home made pipe all the way to the bottom of the tank to prevent it from sucking on his tail evertime the ish passed by, sticking a sponge inside said pipe and adding a water bottle buffer at the output. now he doesnt mind playing in the negligible current
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I moved him to a larger tank, 20 gallon. Its very long vertically. Im not a fan of it though so hopefully soon enough i'll be able to get my 10 gallon tank. He seems to be doing much better in this tank as we placed two filters and a heater in there. He has been staying at the top a lot, either in his floating log or on either side of it.

I finally am seeing the Ph meter in the Safe zone as well.
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Don't worry about pH - bettas will adapt to a pH outside of the "safe" zone. Unless it is above 8.5 or below 5.5, I don't think you have a problem there.
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