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Great tank! When you get ornaments or plants, just rub them with a cheap pair of nylons. If they tear the nylons they'll tear fins. I was unsure about doing this, until I saw another customer do it with those cheap free nylon socks you get for trying on shoes. The pet store employee who asked us WTF thought it was a good idea when the other customer explained.
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It is really helpful to read suggestions from experienced people. I want to put a nylon stocking in my purse and see if I get kicked out of Petco, . I did not return a popeye fish that they should not have sold me. They had two larger ones in isolation they admitted were sick yet they sold a smaller one anyway.

Grand daughter was so upset.

I just had to come back and say I know better, about the stocking deal but that is the least kind of thing I'd like to do at times.....

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Oh what a shame :( I would be careful of over stocking, 5g are not THAT big but are perfect imho for Bettas. Danios usually require a lot of room, longer tanks, as they are very active and fast. Tetras are good but as I learned sometimes they are fin nippers and need to be in a school of at least 6. Some people have success with 5. Bettas will happily live alone but a snail are good in smaller tanks. I have a pond snail in my 15g but will be bringing him over to my 6.5g as Ky seems to get along with him fine. A lot of people keep red cherry shrimp and amano shrimp with their bettas in 5g tanks too. I hope to have a couple soon.

ETA: He's gorgeous! Love his colouring.
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