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cycling the tank?

I have a 10ga. tank with a male betta (still in his cup next to it). tank has a filter and a heater and fake plants. I want to cycle the tank using pure ammonia, could someone direct em tot he exact way to do this? And, about how long should it take?

Also, while cycling the tank, how should I go about cleaning Raxicor's cup water in the interim? We are still trying to stablize the temp of the water, right now it is reading 84* but we don't know if it will drop anymore than that since it was tapped out on the thermostat at 88*....we are going to try to stabilize the temp at 80-82, we think (if all that matters any.)

(this is my first fish, first tank, first everything. so speak slowly. LOL.)

Thank you! So far this site has been so helpful in teaching me what I need to know!!
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I wouldn't reccomend fish less cycling with your fishy in a cup. It will take up to 6 weeks to cycle your tank and he will be a very unhappy fishy in just a tiny cup for that amount of time. I would probably do fish-in cycling seen as you already have your fish. This is easily done my checking water chemistry regularly, avoid over feeding, do small daily water changes. I did 10% daily. Make sure you use water conditioner. I recommend getting some live plants to help the cycle along as they absorb some of the harmful material while oxygenating the tank. Hope I helped.
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I agree with Sheldon - fish in would be the way to go if the alternative is Raxicor living in his cup for 6 weeks.

If you can't get the temperature below 84, don't stress too much - it's not a terrible temperature for him to be at. :) You'd need to lower it somewhat if you wanted to add other fish, but for a betta alone, it is absolutely fine. It will also speed the cycle up.

Whilst doing your fish-in cycle I would suggest doing *at least* two 50% changes a week, vacuuming the gravel for one of them. However, I would also get an liquid test kit - strips may be cheaper, but they are not nearly so accurate and you can't really afford to get a dodgy reading during this. If you notice ammonia reach 0.25ppm between water changes, you need to do another one.

I second Sheldon's suggestion of live plants - hornwort, duckweed and anacharis all suck up ammonia like there is no tomorrow, and are pretty much impossible to kill if you start with a healthy bunch. :)

I would also suggest buying a bottle of Prime - it's a super wonderful water conditioner that I love. It will convert the ammonia caused by your fish to a non-toxic form which won't hurt the fish but can still be used by the cycle. :) It is highly concentrated so a small bottle will last forever. :)
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