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Male Betta with an African Dwarf Frog?

I had kept my betta with ghost shrimp, but he has eaten all of them! He is clearly aggressive with the ghost shrimp, so I no longer think that I should keep him with them. I still want something else than just my betta in this my 4 gallon tank. If he killed and ate the shrimp, do you think that my betta will be to aggressive for an African Dwarf Frog? Thanks!
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I think killing all of the ghost shrimp is your betta's subtle way of saying: "Trespassers on MY land will be killed and eaten!" So, I would not put a frog in there with him. Maybe a snail, but he might attack that too.
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It's difficult to say - bettas could either be aggressive with the shrimp because he sees them as invaders, or because he sees them as food. Some happy community bettas will hunt shrimp despite getting on with all kinds of fish. Shrimp really aren't a good indicator of aggressiveness.

Maybe try putting a floating toy fish in there?
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With the frogs you would have to watch their legs. It's unlikely that the Betta would kill them, but he could easily break their legs and cause a lot of pain for them.

With my Betta he ignores his frogs I have two with him right now. He just checked them out when I put them in and now ignores them.

Edit: Oh and what size is your tank? I wouldn't house a Betta and a frog less than 5 gallons. If you can stay on top of water changes and testing you could go with two as they are more active with two.

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Ghost shrimp are pretty big and much faster than a frog when something is coming after them. I don't think it is unlikely that the betta would kill a frog. Bettas can kill each other, other fish, and without a doubt a defenseless frog. I, personally, would not try to put a frog in there unless you have the time to watch every second and have a separate tank waiting for the frog if it doesn't go well. I suggested a snail because they move slowly enough that I think a lot of bettas consider them to be migrating rocks or something, and leave them alone. But either way, watch your betta's reaction carefully and be ready to intervene.

Also, how is the cover in your tank? Are there a lot of plants/nooks that provide hiding places?
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