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My betta's sharing an algae wafer w/the cory's

I am not joking. I have 5 cory's & Fin the betta in a circle around the algae wafer & they're all eatting together!
I can't find any info online so figured best place to ask is here....
can it harm Fin?
I know I know I got the class clown of betta's... he plays tag with the cory's, eats with them, drapes his tail over the snails... & my gosh the bubble nests he builds... I'm tempted to "borrow" my friend's female royal blue VT.....
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A small amount of the algae wafer shouldn't be an issue, however, Bettas are usually pigs and don't stop at a little bit-they often try to eat it all and this can cause health, algae wafer are not the best choice for the corydoras-I would get sinking shrimp pellets and feed small amounts at night or about an hour after lights out-try to drop them in place that are hard for the Betta to get to-since the Betta will try to eat as much of them as they can......Sometimes you have to cup the Betta while you feed the other species of fish to prevent the Betta from overeating-one of the issues you can have with keeping mixed species with Bettas.....little
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Location: Alberta Canada
Thanx OldFishLady!

Ya the algae wafer is a once every 2-3days treat & usually I break it in 1/2. Usually they get the sinking pellets, 3 or 4 for the 5 cory's and the snails to share.
I guess I can add strange eatter to Fin's personality b/c he doesn't bing! His pellet betta food I only put 1 in every day and a tiny shake of flakes & he never finishes it all!
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