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Exclamation Please tell me what's wrong! Winston is ill.

I'm leaving for california tomorrow, so I need help on this subject as soon as possible so I can treat and leave instructions for my crowntails babysitter.
I have a crowntail named Winston, I got winston about three months ago from petsmart.
He has always been a feisty, active, beautiful fish. He was being cooped up in a half gallon bowl, who's water temp. was probably around 70.
about a week ago I had noticed a 'fuzzy' clear/white fuzz on two of his fins. It looked more like the gunk fuzz that builds up on plants, and not an actual infection, but I went to petco and they gave me a solution that fights bacteria and fungus. I put that in, and a few days later it looked better than ever. So I stopped treating him.
The day after I started putting in the solution I upgraded his tank, I bought a 5gallon plastic tank with a heater and filter. His water is now 75-78 degrees. I have also researched and found that filters can damamge a bettas fins and not help it. So I have it on the lowest setting, and only turn it on for about a half hour a day. I have all 'betta' plants, fake. And aquarium gravel on the bottom. So today, it has been about a week since the change in enviorment.
Two days ago I had noticed he was acting weird. He wasn't as active as he had been before, but like people bettas like to relax. So I dismissed it and let him be. Yesterday I had given him a closer look. His fins look skinnier, almost like there's more of them. But there's the same amount. I'm not sure if 'frayed' would be the correct term but I'm going to use it. They're all skinny and tiny and one of them seems to have a chunk missing. Now he's the only fish in his aquarium, so he hasnt been fighting. His water is clear, and is even being treated by an anti fungus and bacteria solution. He has no sharp plants, and his new home is ideal. It dosen't look like fin rot, and he has no wounds or open sores. Though I did notice the tips of his 'front long fin' things have a little white at the bottom, seeming to be growing larger. The 'expert at petco said this might just be what he looks like. Though I'm sure it wasnt that big when I got him. His eating habits haven't changed. Though he's lazier, and sticks by the heater or top of the water. His bowl isnt in the sun, but it's getting light.
Honestly I think part of the problem is the plastic bowl is too reflective, he's constantly trying to fight his reflection. Atleast this is what is seems. I'm sure it's stress, but how do I help him? I'm leaving tomorrow and I need to help him asap.
Would wraping his tank in a black blanket help? keep some of the reflection out? I don't know what to do. This is him before:

And this is him now:

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His fins definitely do look clamped.

A couple of questions:
How often are you changing his water, and what percentage?
Are you using a water conditioner?
How long have you been treating him with this medication?

For now I would actually stop the medication and just keep his water clean and warm. Chemicals like that can be quite harsh and may be making him feel down, especially if he is currently healthy.

With his filter, either turn it off permanently or leave it on permanently. This on/offing really isn't doing anything. There isn't a benefit to only having it on for a little while a day. Just be aware of two things:
- if you choose to leave it on, the tank will start to do a fish-in cycle
- if you choose to leave it off, you will need to do one 50% and one 100% water change per week.

I would also suggest reposting or linking this in the disease section to get more sick-fish experts to see it. :)
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