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Trumpet Snails?

What do you guys think about trumpet snails?

I got water wisterias to take care of my algae problem...They have helped tremendously but nonetheless I still have some algae...there is actually algae growing on some of the plants! :o

Would you guys recommend trumpet snails to further get rid of my algae?

I have 29 gallons in my tank, leave my light on for ~10 hours a day and have 6 females swimming around.
General waters params are 7 ph, ~0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 15-20 nitrates, and I have my heater set to 80 degrees F.
I also have a cartridge filter. Would the snails be in danger of getting sucked in?


P.S. if trumpet snails are not a good match, what should I consider?

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Its normal and expected to get some algae in a container of water that has both light and nutrients....some species of algae is a sign of a healthy system and can help make the tank look more natural by softening edges as well as providing food/area for microorganism that help the system and for the livestock to graze on.....Not all algae is bad, however, since this is a closed system it has to be controlled-along with your regular weekly water changes-some manual removal is needed.

You can get some assistance from livestock-but you shouldn't add other livestock to control problems in the tank unless it something you like, want and can meet its needs-A closed system will never be able to support nutritional needs-plus most species only eat some type of algae to start-the algae specie you have may or may not be what the trumpet snails eats.

Trumpet snails are a pretty neat snail IMO-its a live bearer that can reproduce pretty fast based on food-they burrow in the substrate and often you will not know how many you have until you peak at the tank an hour or so after light out and see them crawling up the front will be amazed at how many you

The only problems I have with my MTS other than the fast reproduction- is that the smaller ones will sometimes crawl (not get sucked up) into the impeller of the filter and either bind it up or cause a racket and I will have to tear the filter down to get it out-usually it doesn't even kill the thing-

I personally like MTS and my other common snails..... they have a job in my systems-other than what little algae they do eat and any left over food-their burrowing habit is their main job to help prevent anaerobic spot in my soil based tanks.

Bottom line-if you like trumpet snails-get one-but don't expect it to help that much with algae control...thats our job anyway......
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Nerite snails are good for eating algae too, and they don't reproduce in freshwater. :3
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OK I will think about it...the algae is definitely in control and mostly on the wall of the tank which I can easily clean during a water change...its is a brownish/rustish colored algae...would you guys know which kind this is?
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