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I really didn't think

I'd spend this much on a little 3.99 fish. But I've kind of fallen in love with him. At first he was in a .5 gallon betta tank thing but within a couple days has gotten a 5 gallon tank, heater, plants, better food, better water conditioner, a hammock (which he may not use) and various other stuff. I think I've spent over 60 dollars so far . For a 3.99 fish. But hey he's our only pet and we love him.

And I'd like to eventually try live plants but I'm nervous about it.

And I'm sorry if this is in the wrong spot. But I'd be open to plant suggestions. Ones that don't require too much work and can be in a 5 gallon (regular old rectangle) tank.

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Sea Dragon
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You must have one happy, lucky fish :)

Try this sticky if you haven't already:

There are also things called Marimo balls which are super easy to care for. They're popular, but they may be hard to find at your LPS/LFS
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Haha trust me, I've spent hundreds on my fish. Canada makes everything expensive.

5 gallon, low light I'm assuming. You can do anarchis, anubias, some type of moss (java, Christmas, etc), crypt, marimo moss balls.

That's all I can think of. .
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I spent like $80 or so on my little girl. Totally worth it! :)
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I spent around $40 on my 2.5 gallon. But with my 15 gallon I'm already over $150 in and haven't even bought fish o.o it's expensive, but you can't stop once you start! I'm already working on my Christmas list ;)
Any plant that is floating is a good start. I'd go to the pet store and write down what's availible, since they availibilty varies like crazy from place to place. I highly recommend some Marimo moss balls :D
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Nearing 40 on Kyon and the little guys, between foods, frozen and dried, treats like freeze dried blood worms which neither of them like, net, cup, water conditioner, white spot treatment, IAL, live plants, filter start, heaters, gravel, filters and sponges. Then there's the cave that I'm hunting for. 30 for the 15g tank 2 for the 6.5g (bargain!). Luckily my inlaws have recently took up fish keeping too and have loads of stuff so we swap and borrow all the time. Money is no object when giving a living thing a proper and healthy life :)

Plants, I have never done live plants before until now, even house plants I have a habit of killing. Most aquatic plants you get from pet shops are easy care anyway. By far the easiest is Anacharis. Needs little light and grows very quickly! I trim mine once a week and take new branch cuttings. Bettas like big leaves so java fearns are nice and Anubias.

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Old 04-03-2012, 05:22 PM   #7 
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And welcome to the cheaper side of fish keeping as well haha. I went marine to bettas and I welcomed the reduced cost.
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Trust me, that is nothing compared to other pets. I've had cats and dogs, they can cost up to $1000 for the pet then you need: shots, microchips, food and toys. Not to mention the things they will destroy and you will have to replace.

Me spending $400 on aquariums, equipment and fish is much nicer than having to pay for a fluffy animal.
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hah! Welcome to betta keeping!! Pics please!!
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I send more on my fish in a month then I do on my dog/chinchilla combined.
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