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New or Used Tank

I had a question.

I want to get a 5g or 10g tank for a second betta. I am, admittedly, poor (Unemployed student! Go me!) so I'm looking for something cost effective, but I don't want anything smaller than 5g. I've been looking at new tanks in the local and chain pet stores, but they all seem to be more than I can really afford.

I have found affordable used tanks for sale, but I'm hesitant. From a financial standpoint, it would be amazing to be able to home one of my two betta babies in a 5g tank with lots of money left over for a good filter/substrate/plants, but I'm quite worried about the potential for disease or other issues such as damage to the tank as a more serious concern, and the removal of mineral scale as a less serious concern.

I am, admittedly, not an expert on these things. So I'm looking for advice on what the better alternative would be. Should I wait a while and save up for a new tank, or should I look into an affordable used tank that needs to be disinfected/requires some TLC.

Thank you for any advice.
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Used tanks for the win!

I wouldn't be worried about using a used tank. Just be sure to clean it! Even with bleach and water. I do 1 part bleach to 20 parts water Then I rinsed it about 5 times with scalding hot water, because I am paranoid. I got a used Fluval Chi for 25$, best deal ever! Works great, I cleaned it with bleach and water and it looks brand new. I'm planning on getting another used tank soon! Great for tight budgets
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If you're worried about the secondhand tanks, I suggest you use bleach to clean it! I think it's one part bleach ten parts water is the ratio, I might be wrong. Scrub it real hard while using hot water, then led to dry outside. Also check for leaks, fill the tank up and see if it leaks or not.

But in my opinion, anything above 2g is fine for Bettas, some people say no. Some people might even say that 1g is fine for a Betta. But it's up to you!
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Try craigslist.
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Used tanks all the way. Of the five tanks I own, 4 are second-hand.
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Used tanks seem to be the way to go. I've had better luck with my 10Gal used tank from Goodwill than any new set-ups I've bought. It was around $15 for tank, hood/light stip set-up. Only thing I had to buy was a filter set-up. But keep in mind, all second-hand places vary in prices/what they have. Definately look anything you might purchase carefully for any severe damage. Usually it's not a problem. Most just need a good cleaning. As a previous poster said, make sure to check for any leaks/cracks in the silicone seals. Set it up for a 24 hr water hold test outside--best advice some one gave me on here. After cleaned up thoroughly and leak tested, a used tank is actually a smart way to go. =) Mine currently houses one of my bettas with no problem! Only thing you might have to purchase seperately is a filter set-up. Good luck with your tank search! =)

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All 3 of mine are second hand. 1 my dad give my daughter with a goldfish for her birthday, the 2nd is a 15g I got for 30 from a Facebook selling page, came with a cave, some little decorations, 100watt heater, fluval filter, gravel and she threw in some food and a spare heater! My 3rd one was an emergency one to re house my betta who was having a bullying off my tetras. It was 2! My inlaws give me a heater and some gravel and I dug out a filter I was given with my goldfish tank but wasn't powerful enough. I cleaned them all with hot water, took them outside and used a hose pipe to check for leaks and boiled the substrate. :) I did get a bout of white spot on my tetras but I put that down to new tank syndrome.
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