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Old 04-04-2012, 12:22 PM   #1 
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Exclamation Omelette REALLY over ate!!!!

I had 3 ghost shrimp. Ash, Misty, and Brock. I had them for a little over a month. I gave Brock to a friend.
Today I fed Omelette and the shrimp a tiny pinch of tropical fish crumbles like I usually do, turned on the heater, and went to school. When I came back, only Ash was there (juvenile), but Misty was gone! There is a big, empty exoskeleton lying in the gavel now.
Misty was a full-grown shrimp, quite big, with big internal organs... Omelette had ripped her open and eaten her!!! His belly is very distended now, and when I came home he was lying on the gravel (VERY unusual), and I couldn't get him to move, even putting a mirror next to the tank.
He eventually swam off slowly. Now I don't know what to do!
For 5 minutes at a time, he keeps sinking into the gravel, nose down, with his tail floating up, and when his end floats up, it goes to about a 60 degree angle
WHAT CAN I DO??? I have nothing that I could feed him as a laxative, I only have frozen peas which is what I feed my goldfish when they swallow too much air
I'm really worried about Omelette. I'm also afraid he'll eat the other shrimp so I'm going to remove it in a few minutes.
I NEVER expected him to eat the shrimp. He's totally unaggressive unless confronted with a mirror, in which it takes over 30 seconds for him to flare!!
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just don't feed him for a few days. if he's having trouble swimming to the top, cup him in something(like a betta cup) and float him. it's not uncommon for shrimps to become snacks for bettas. risk you take, imo. i had a few month old fry eat a shrimp who was bigger than her. o.0
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I agree on cupping him and floating him in something with a lower water level is he's having trouble swimming. A bit of epsom salt couldn't hurt as well, to help him, erm, digest.
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