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Old 04-06-2012, 05:59 AM   #11 
cjayBetta's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: NB, Canada
My husband and I dabble in many hobbies so for him my fish keepin is just another... He (not at first) loves the fish now and almost fell over when CoCo hit 1 year old - he was convinced that they could live in a little bowl and all that junk and be fine, live for a few months and then whatever we would get me a new one. I of course explained how wrong he was and made a BET with him that if he allowed me to get the 5g for coco that at 1 year i could upgrade him to a 10g... Lets just say Mr CoCo is swimmin it up in a 10 tank :P Now he even helps me, with little things, but helps :)
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Originally Posted by Rosso1011 View Post
Has he asked why you are treating the tetras? Just curious because I am treating Rosso for fin rot and he is asking me why I'm using a smaller tank as opposed to the bigger tank. Well, because of the water changes required for the treatment.
He seen his bum when he seen the price of the treatment but he sees it as, if I don't treat them then they'll all die and he'll have to fork out more cash to replace them so he just goes along with it.
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Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: Rapid City Sd
My bf thinks I'm crazy but I was crazy before the fish. He also knows if I'm going to do something it'll be done right. He thinks their fun to look at, and occasionally he has the awww moments when their being all cute. Like this morning I fed my one fry for the first time, he came over wanting to watch. The other day he even said sorry for possibly destroying the bubble nest (that wasn't there). He'll even help buy some things I need.
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Location: Dartmouth, NS
Originally Posted by AquaNinJa View Post
My boyfriend thinks it's pretty cool(:I mean we're both young and we love what each other do. He goes to all of my cheerleading competitions, dance recitals, fish auctions. And I go to all of his stupid hockey games ;D (lol just kidding). But he actually thinks its pretty cool. He fish-sits when I'm gone and even when we're hanging out and he's over he'll take care of my fish. We even got matching crown tails, until he failed to keep it alive... Maybe he should stick to hockey :)
Aw, you guys!

My bf and I got Lakitu together (I convinced him) and he promised to help clean it. For a while in the .5g he did help and took turns feeding and cleaning it. Then, he got bored of the changes every 2 days. He likes to feed them still. But he stopped cleaning. Esp when I got the 1g with more plants. Then I got the 2.5kk and that was the end of it. It was my hobby. He didn't want to put money or time into it.

He did get sad when Lakitu got critically ill. And he let me wrap him up in the freezer until the ground thawed bc I will bury him (he wanted initially to flush him). He thinks Bowser looks nice and Ludendorff. He likes Ludey and appreciates them a lot more now since Ludey was half dead for a month and now his tail is 90% grown back and he's always so happy and swimm-y.

But he doesn't mind me. I talk about them a lot and fantasize over my mustard gases (which that chocolate MG is STILL in the store) and he see's me always looking at this forum. He has Magic:The Gathering and Stree Fighter. So we get by
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Old 04-06-2012, 05:02 PM   #15 
Kitty Whiskers
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My guy likes fish so he was the one to suggest that we get a 10 gallon for my old Betta Greg (Poor old Betta died the day right before the tank was done cycled and he never got to go into the tank :(... So we bought some Female Bettas and soon we got some Cory catfish and snails. He is good about buying anything I want or need for the tank even if it gets a little costly. He likes to sit at the desk and watch them all swim around like I do. He wants to get a bigger tank for the fish already, or put different kinds of fish in the bigger tank when we buy one. We may jump right up to a 29 Gallon next because he is really getting into the fish keeping hoby as much as I am :) I love my Guy!
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New Member
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Location: Kirkland, WA
My man has been with me for eight years and in that time I have gone through many "hobbies" (including but not limited to: customizing my little ponies, tattoos, knitting, airbrush painting) and I believe he feels betta are just another one. But on the other hand, I also think he sees it as a "gateway" pet? If I can take care of fish then maybe we can look into getting a puppy like I want.

He doesn't really help or get involved with them. I had him name Merlin and I call Merlin "his" fish but he's really mine. He likes the fact that they make me happy and they give me something to do and take care of. He's great at listening to me when I talk about them, but since I know it's not his thing, I try not to talk his ears off about them. He likes them because I like them.
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Originally Posted by Bombalurina View Post
ThomasDog, you and MaisyDawg confuse me so much with your names. You are a girl and he is a boy...just change your names, people! :p

My boyfriend has two tanks, but I'm not sure how much care he takes of them. I know that one of them is not well stocked. The other is not too bad, though. He does think I'm bonkers, that's for sure.
You can change your username?!

I explained my username somewhere in the TNP thread.
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Location: California
I talked my boyfriend into letting me get a fish and now he loves him too :). Same story with our hamster....Pretty much whatever makes me happy makes him happy too
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Old 04-07-2012, 08:53 PM   #19 
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Location: Ontario, CAN
He haaaates fish!
I figure it's partially because when he was younger, his dad went fishing and caught a fish larger than him and made him stand next to it. I assume it's post traumatic stress disorder ;p

He wont eat it either, just overall not a fan.

He supports my hobby, and thinks that they are pretty;; but he wont touch them. xD
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Location: Urbandale, IA
Hmmm... I feel like I am the only guy here... ANYWAY, my fiance doesn't like the amount of work I put into my fish because it is time away from her. Other than that she is an animal lover and likes that I can take care my fish and my silly kitty.
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