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Introducing new females

So I've decided to start up a sorority again after a failed, horrible, miserable attempt. I had a hitman female in there who would kill the other girls in a single hit. Anyway, with her out of the tank all has been calm, kinda. I only had two females left by the end of it all. So my question is, when introducing new females, do you have to remove the existing females, change the decorations around, and then reintroduce them all together? What's the best way? And how would I introduce new females after having 10 existing females already in the tank? Do I have to remove all of them?
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Sena Hansler
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For me, I remove my females, rearrange and add decor, do a 25% water change, and add 1-2 females at a time (after 2 weeks of isolation each)... I float them all in bags or cups side by side. Usually you'll tell who'll be more aggressive by the ones who'll flare. I suggest waiting until they stop flaring, to release. I had to do this with Savannah, while Holly is plain mean and cannot be with anyone at all. Remember some the one you had....are just aggressive and cannot be in a sorority, ever. They could be suited for a large tank with some faster fish, that are colorless and perhaps a different shape or size than them... or nothing at all, ever. I had a snail murderer, a thrill junkie, a double personality female, and a "hate everything" female. >< I suggest also, stuffing that tank with live plants, after quarantine. you cannot see anything stuffed xD

Although before I had just did a water change, rearranged and added decor, and some plants, add the female and nothing happened. She fell into line easily after about an hour and it was peaceful.

Depends on your existing females, mainly.
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